Thursday, August 25, 2011

Speed Camera Caught This Man Putting his Hand into the GIRL BRA!

I Know I know the title is a bit funny. Just want to make sure the title is clean and clear. The real title that i would put would be THIS MAN CAUGHT BY SPEED CAMERA GRABBING GIRLS BOOBS! <<<< This sound a lot better right?

Ok let get back to chase on what we are here for.


In China this picture get so hot that make people wonder who is this old man putting his hand on girl breast while driving. This image was leaked out and was forwarded to thousand of people. This picture was taken by speed camera and was leaked out by unknown source. Sadly to say with the name plate is visible people have found out who is that girl and the driver.

Maybe would be the traffic police that leaked it out by seeing an old man touching a girl boobs while driving and maybe for some reason the girl allowed the guy to touch it. As you know the internet can send a message as fast as the lighting strike. So in minutes this pictures have been spread around the world.


This picture was taken because the car speed over the speed limit that have been stated. Maybe because he was too excited touching the girl boobs he press too much on the oil pedal and did not notice the speed limit have been stated. The speed limit for that stretch is 80 km but the guy was driving at 92 km. As you can see the picture above the guy left hand is on the steering and the other hand touching the girl breasts.

As you can see the picture above it is a NISSAN X-Trail with number plate 川B Y0008 people have found out more information to the world who is the driver and the girl. Here goes nothing the driver(man) is

Jialin Deng he is from Mianyang City Sichuan Province. He is working as a manager of Sichuan Chong Group in Nanchong. The girl sitting in the passenger seat is a student that studying in University of Mianyang City. So by now you will know what it is all about.


A OLD MAN + Student = (YOUR OWN CONCLUSION)  For my own conclusion this guy is threaten her if you do not allow me to this and that to you will suffer. As you can see the girl face is like “this guy is damn pervert” it is SEXUAL HARRSEMENT but i can’t do anything about it.


The driver Jialin Deng said that when he was driving he was all alone in the car when this photo was captured at 29 July by overhead surveillance camera. He said that the girl sit next to him was added by his business competitor. The picture that was leaked online have affected his life badly. He blamed the police because putting the picture online for the world to see and do not respect his personal privacy.

The police said that they would investigate on the matter  and also checking if the photo it is real or not. There is high percentage that the picture was leaked out by the worker that collect traffic violation pictures. The police said that whoever that leaked out the picture will severely punished.

HMMMMMMM! It look real for me ^^

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So daring to do on a young lady! Haihaz

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