Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Comic Con 2011 San Diego with Hottest Cosplay/Costume Chick and Guys!!!

Have you ever heard of Comic Con International????


For some people going there is to drooling to see hot babes there, but the main attraction would be the costume people are wearing. If you are lucky enough to get the ticket to enter the event than you get to experience in person. But fret not you can still look at the picture that people have taken but i can tell you one thing you will not regret. I just wish i have the opportunity to go there in person and experience myself because i love games and movies.

You can see a lot  character in the movies in the event! For example like Iron Man and more……………….


Maybe for in Asian country like in Malaysia we do not really know what it is  but in United States they would know what it is all about and from what people said that Comic Con International 2011 is the best.  Maybe you all Malaysian do not know what it is all about but it is something similar like PC Fair with all the babes in different type of clothes it is a bit similar with the babes part but others is totally different.

When it  first launch at the year of 1970 it is cater only for comic books lover of sci-fi/fantasy and film/television. But now there is more not only comic books and television but even everything related to pop culture of animation,horror,anime toys,card,video games and even web comics. This Comic Con event started at 21st July to 24th July 2011.



I was just curious the last costume of stewardess which movie,comic or etc it came from?????



It is one of the hottest event not everybody can go in like PC Fair or to be more precise PC Babes Fair in Malaysia. You need to buy ticket only you are allowed to enter the event hall. It is a 4 days event so it is a lot to see even you are bored seeing what stall they have there. But when you look at all the costume walking in and out it will blow you away.  Because there is thousand of costume some of them

 look naughty,sexy,ugly but i can say most of the costume look nice even though some of the costume do not make sense.



This costume look like a gay chracter, like superman and it don’t make sense




See she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet bringing her mother to the Comic Con to be one of the character Open-mouthed smile



Some of the costume is for guys but even girls is wearing it the one that i saw would be Captain America! It is nothing wrong but i can say some of the costume girls wearing it look nicer comparing guys wearing it. If you don’t believe me you should see it yourself.


Back to the story of Comic con few years back even before the event started all the ticket is sold out. People are getting crazy to get their hands on the ticket to go to the Comic Con. They only available 100,000 ticket for the people and everybody is fighting to get their hand on it. A lot of people is trying to buy the ticket online was shutdown because of technical problem because of server overload.

The other problem would be finding a place to stay because everywhere is full packed!!!!!!


If you have miss the Comic Con San Diego fret not soon they would be having in new york from 13 October to 16 October 2011.


If you are lucky enough you can get your hand on COmic COn 2011 at New York because the ticket is now going on sales. Better be fast because it can be sold out in minutes.



This is the Captain America i am talking about!!!!!!! She wear better than the male Captain America!!!!




What character is this????? But it look cute with the bunny EARS!!! Hahahhaa




See girl wear better than guys right? Don’t you agree the SUPERGIRL in MAKING Rolling on the floor laughing




See even Bumblebee from Transformer is walking around in Comic Con ^^




See what i have said again! Even there is SPIDERGIRL costume.


They all like having fun posing in in their chosen costume.


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Acidulous said...

The one with bunny ear on the helmet is from an anime/manga called Durarararara...

Anonymous said...

didn't understand of you'r words

Jimmy T said...


So cute ^^ haha