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Cathay Pacific Sex Scandal Leaked Online

Here she is you can see by her face. But it was unfortunate that the photo was leaked out maybe her phone was get hacked or pc just like what happen to Edison Chen. But that is what she deserve it because she should not do it when she is working or doing in the work place. Obviously it is not allowed. If she really really want to do it she can do it at home or something.


That is why Technology does make our life a lot of easier but on the same time more problem start to rise. Just like the old days when phone do not have camera and camera need to be wash only can be seen now it is different you take you can get it right away. Even how you think how safe you keep it with technology anything can be hack able.

It is a PIECE of a SOFTWARE!!!! But some people said that this picture is fake it is someone dress like Cathay Pacific staff and took the picture.


Just look at her pretty face just wash away to the drain!!! But from the news it don’t look fake to me. After the news spread like hot cakes Cathay Pacific announce that they will conduct full investigation o the matter. Cathay Pacific even said that there is no evidence whatsoever that this happen during inflight and no reason that any safety have been breached. Even said that this photograph can be taken anywhere and wearing the same attire what Cathay Pacific have.



According to Chief Executive Cathay Pacific John Slosar said that the employee at the picture is no longer working in the company whatsoever. He said that when the incident happen was not when the plane is flying. He also said that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable and have damage our reputation badly. According to reports said that both the pilot and the stewardess are both couple and said that the picture that have been leaked online was taken from her computer without she noticing it.

So according to the news the pilot is foreigner obviously it is white man. The pilot also issused a legal letter to the newspaper that publish the news up and made a police report because the photo was stolen from his computer(the pilot)


Obviously i will not post uncensored picture if not my site maybe will be CLOSED DOWN! You all young kids is so good in technology you know where to find it when you want it. As you can see the picture that one of the cabin crew of Cathay Pacific is giving oral sex to a man. Even one o the Cathay Spokeswoman said it is one of their cabin crew.

This picture was circulated in one of the online forum that cater to pilots and in the forum people said that both of them is COUPLE!!! With that picture they are more than a COUPLE!! The picture was taken above look a lot like cockpit of the aeroplane.

Here is a VIDEO

If you don’t understand i think by looking at the video you will UNDERSTAND!!!


They even said that the 3rd photo have been leaked out online in a hotel room instead! More details was dig out

Here is the picture from the video!!!


Below source of details is from


We know this is a very serious allegation but hey, it does sound like logical, don’t you think ?

Another unconvincing part is … or rather, perceived as totally unfair by the public at large, the pilot who is considered as more sinful gets way scott free ! He was summoned back from Indonesia after the flight attendant has resigned, and all that is coming out from Cathay Pacific is they found no concrete evidence the pilot is actor of the stunning “Jolly Good Knobber” show. No further action necessary … Now this is hard to stomach by Hongkongers’ standard. Folks over there are pretty liberal, they see such the whole is totally unjust as the flight attendant was in a way … fired while the main ‘culprit’, the pilot not get away scott free, he is still flying around as if nothing ever happens while people are question safety of an airport with its pilot drown in sleazy activities.

Digging Deeper

According to insider information, te flight attendance has been serving the airliner for 9 years. She was a Purser (officer responsible for all administration and supply; stewards answer to her as well). She belongs to the rank of flight attendants Level Three, a notch more senior than ordinary cabin crew. She is depicted explicitly in both of the leaked photos, one showing her bare bottom sitting in what is known as the “Jump Seat’ just behind the cockpit … upskirt with her legs resting on the back of the pilot’s seat. While the other is totally ‘absurd’ as described by Cathay Pacific … performing a “Jolly Good Knobber” on a male with his face partly hidden in the photo


Flight Attendant Resigned To Save Pilot

Although picture on the male star is only partly visible, staffs of Cathay Pacific is able to identify who he is … It’;s said he is an Australian pilot with 10 years of flying experience. His now a “Captain” with Cathay Pacific … also known as “Four Bars” to Hongkongers. Captain is the highest ranking or senior most pilot in Cathay Pacific Airlines.

It’s said that the pilot is a car freak … frequently participate in racing events. He is known as playboy who loves casual sexxx … Insiders of Cathay Pacific reveal he especially to bonk cabin crew (insiders call this phenomenon as having “Crew Meal“), probably because cabin crew of Cathay Pacific are ‘promiscuous’ as alleged by their spokesman ? Holy smoke, this is truly scandalous … a very serious, actually, criminal allegation !

Apparently his “promiscuous’ behavior is no secret in Cathay Pacific … He has been doing the ‘promiscuous’ thing for ages and what is even more stunning is that he is actually married !

It’s also said the reason why the flight attendant immediately resigned after being summoned by the HQ to come home for investigation is to … SAVE HER LOVER the Aussie Cananova with an extremely itchy reproduction organ !  It;s said she will rather loose her job than to rat her pilot lover out.

Cathay Pacific declared they have no idea who is the male star and they concluded there is no evidence whatsoever to implicate the pilot and case closed. Now this really anger many staffs working at the airline, not to mention the public. They all say this blooody unfair, there is no reason the weaker sex is punished while the bastarddd is let go scott free.

According to the staffs, “it’s very easy for the management to find the culprit and they surely can implicate the pilot if only they have the will … because only FP2 (Flight Purser 2) could enter the cockpit to serve the pilot … So, all it takes is to find out which FP2 and which flight … almost a child game to find out the truth.”

They also commented that it takes 14 months to train a pilot while it takes only 3 months to train a flight attendant, there is no surprise why would Cathay Pacific want to retain the naughty pilot and let go the stewardess.

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