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Movie Review The Viral Factor

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International Security Affairs agent Jon is on a dangerous mission to escort a criminal scientist to another country. En route, a member of his team turns out to be a traitor and shoots Jon in the head while kidnapping the scientist. When Jon wakes up in the hospital, a doctor tells him that within weeks, the bullet in his brain will cause complete paralysis. Jon returns to Beijing to see his mother, who confesses that Jon has a brother in Malaysia who was raised by his father, a gambler. Jon takes a flight to Malaysia to find his brother, Yeung. On the plane he forms a bond with Dr. Kan, who promises to look into possible treatments for his condition. However, when they arrive, Yeung tries to kidnap the doctor and when Jon intervenes, he's also taken hostage. The two soon realize they're brothers, and decide to work together in order to keep the criminals behind the kidnappings from reinfecting the world of a disease long thought cured.



I would say that it is a not bad kind of movie to watch. Because what it is interesting would be the movie mostly been made in Malaysia. The thing that non stop make me laugh and feel excited would be running to place in Malaysia and thing that their encounter. For example at KTM it is freaking fast it arrived when they put their ticket and the train have arrived but in reality you know that it take ages to arrived. Another thing would be the head of police is different wearing stylist coat and so on lol it is the most stylist police i have ever seen in Malaysia police history hahahaha. Than another weird thing would be all the taxi that they went in speak CHINESE – _ – . But you all will say it is a MOVIE yeah i know but it is still fun to watch.

I would say that the storyline was quite ok nothing extraordinary but the fighting and action was above average.



I would give 4 out of 5 even though it is a bit expected but it is still fun to watch all the action and places in Malaysia.



I would recommend to people that love to watch action movie and the handsome Jay Chou and Nicholas Tse.  I would not recommend for people that do not love to watch action movie and chinese speaking but you have not to worry there is subtitles.



images The-Viral-Factor-2012-Movie-Image-5

What i love about this police it wear freaking nice clothes and it is also corrupted. But one thing no matter how many times he was shot he is still freaking strong running around like a mad person.


Wooooo Malaysia carssss


He almost kill Jay Chou but stop when he say that we are actually BROTHER!!!!

the viral factor still nicholas tse

One of the part people was seen flying because of the SHOTGUN DAMN EPIC WEEHHH!!!

Another funny part would be when Nicholas Tse was crying his nose have a funny fluid hanging out yeeewzzz that was freaking disgusting and funny on the same time.

So proud of Malaysia it is FILM in Malaysia. Driving around Malaysia and driving in PAVILLION and also make Malaysian police stylist with Honda Accord police car and so on. Worth to watch it is FILM in Malaysia

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