Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Can you believe Phone with 41 Megapixel Camera? Nokia 808

Yup, i am serious and it is not typo whatsoever it is a freaking 41 Megapixel Camera that will blow you away. It is call Nokia 808 Pureview. Many of you have known that Nokia is dead with Symbian and many many people have moved to other Operating System like iOS and android. Now obviously this Symbian phone will attract you to get one maybe because of the whopping 41 Megapixel.



Do you want to know how Nokia create this?

Here is how Nokia created pixel oversampling technology and combining Carl Zeiss optics. Time and time people said megapixel of the phone doesn’t count? but at the end of the day it does depend on megapixel when we use camera phone to simply just to take picture and the higher the megapixel the nicer it is. You can deny it but at the end of the day it is still depending on it.

With PureView technology is coming to Nokia you will not have to wait any longer with a good camera phone that can replace a DSLR. Who can beat 41 MEGAPIXEL?

The specification of the phone is
Obviously 41 Megapixel Sensor!! Wow come with Xenon Flash and LED for video light. Damn 2 different type of light it will be a good phone. Wow and the great thing you can choose the sensor that you want to take such as 3MP, 5 MP, 8 MP, 38 MP at 4:3 aspect ratio and 2 MP, 5 MP [Default], 8 MP, 34 MP at 16:9. And even record fullHD 1080p

Come with 1.3 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM and using Symbian Belle <<< not bad with Symbian Belle nothing to be disappoint about. Come with 16:9 4" AMOLED unit of nHD (640 x 360) resolution with Gorilla Glass.

- Wifi << obviously it is the 21st Century

- 3.0 USB

- 16GB Internal Storage

Can you believe that the size of one photo is approximately about 30MB++++

For a 8 megapixel camera it is only 3MB+++++ or less



It will be release on May 2012 officially!!! Just wish that i have the money to buy it when it is officially release. Just wondering how much it will cost!!! Will it cost more than RM2k???

I would say so far the best Camera phone is still Nokia before that was N8 12.1 Megapixel with Xenon Flash nothing can beat Nokia 808 41 Megapixel with Xenon Flash and LED>> for video.


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Arun Kumar said...

Its definitely very impressive and the best camera phone so far. But I've seen better photos on regular point and shoot cameras

Camera House said...

Which digital camera is the best for me?