Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Here is how the view from LOOKOUTPOINT!! The food is nothing extraordinary just the view will blow you away and a few branches blocking here and there hahaha that can be quite annoying when you want to take spectacular view.


When the first time i went up there there is no barricade whatsoever but just January 2012 there is a barricade was put at the entrance, now i know why it was put up. Sadly it will be closed until there is court hearing is concluded what would be the best settlement. It just offically closed on 18 January 2012 after fail to show or provide document supporting extension in their building plan.

It is just based on my point of view, if it is true that they done extensive renovation close to the steep slope without any approval it can be a danger in people life. So for safety reason it should be inspected first before it is reopen again. The council only seal the entrance meaning the restaurant inside could not be enter.


Pic Taken TheSTAR

The reason given by the council would be it s not safe and the structure is erected and also without any good planning and approval by the authorities about the extension. Nothing can be done but just wait for the decision of the court for what would happen next. According to Kajang Council said that they have issues about 5 notice between the date of August 2010 to  January 2012, under Section 70(1) and 70(1)(b)(c) of the Street Drainage and Building Act 1974.

It look like a place people call where we can hangout, enjoy the breeze, and view is no more for now. I just love the place it is like we a place where we can have a quiet time and relax than stuck in traffic jam and blah blah blah. When i notice it was closed i was like OMG it is a location for tourist attraction impossible it is closed.

First thing come to my mind would be the food that they served is not hygience and secondly would be building or land is not safe.  JUST HOPE THAT IT WILL REOPEN AGAIN!!!!

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