Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Even Eating at Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC) Want to FIGHT!!!

Don’t know why just because of small matter make it into a BIG FIGHT not only it give a bad name  to the company but to our culture look at the Ang Moh what impression he would have about us as Malaysian. Yaya you can say that it is a fight between a Chinese and Malay but it is not the point, as you can see most of the comment of the video about racist comment.


I just want to say grow up man we are in the 21st century do not play race games on purposes just to make yourself so great. At the end of the day we are still living in the same air, land, water and whatever it is relevant.

I just want to say that both side is wrong because the customer should sometimes look at the staff that working really hard because too much order in one go that is why it take too long to come out it sometimes the staff really really busy but with the customer adding more stress sometimes people just explode just like in the video i know because i have experience it before.

My situation was it was full house and we are really really busy and most of the cutleries is finish, and when we are running up and down really really busy the customer come to me and say we eat with what? When i am rushing to wash the cutleries to give it to the guest obviously i explode luckily the supervisor stop me. Yaya you would say customer is always right sometimes it push our limit.

But the word that they normally use “Customer is always right” we need to be professional even though the customer is saying all the bad word from A – Z we take it as a lesson or advice that we can improve in the future.



KFC - Ole Pocketful

But at the end of the DAY KFC STAFF is still the wrong!!! As you know why!!! I got this message from facebook about the incident but i would say even though i am not there it really happen it is not the first time i encounter!!!!

The truth of I-CIty KFC fight
At that time my wife and I, my sister to KFC at 9:45 pm to have dinner, to see many peoples in the queue lane. Since we bought the I-City coupons (including KFC), so went to queue up
(Already paid, no choice).
Queuing to see those who work slowly, at work, I thought the less have rafts for half an hour is not given. In fact, they have enough staff, but some employees at the back, I wonder if a meeting, or gossip, to see many people also not to help (including the manager). Impatient guests in the queue, everyone has complained about. . .
I looked at the time, 10.20pm, the number of people queuing there is not much progress. I looked inside the chicken, the staff said to wait 20min later. God damn, we have to wait. . . Why can not fry a little more? About 10.45pm, the new fried chicken has come, but only the hot spicy (silent). . .
Almost 10.53pm (I looked at the time) is my turn, in front of the guests to feel strange, because how much fried chicken to ask the employees, the employees do not know, ask inside standing employees, he saidfinish , while the manager did not explain. . .
At this time there are guests yells, and the employees, loudly responded: sudahhabis u mau apa lagi! I also intolerable curse why they poured silently as the manager did not say anything. . . I scold them: ini apa the service?
Them very unhappy, and have the staff to say: mau gaduh to ke? Employees took iron to hit me. This time there are people behind the door about: kalau mau makan, buat sendiri lah BABI I'm more angry, I want to step forward and when my wife pulled me out, do not talk to them quarrel. . .
To the outside, I think this is what the attitude, but also criticize the BABI is not racial discrimination? I then go ask them to apologize
: Sini ialah KFC, macam service ah? Tak say sorryah? But the manager did not ignore my request had been standing inside. And then there are several employees said: the mau gaduh ke, mau gaduh to ke, BABI ... and then I said: saya the mau panggil POLISsekarang, they rushed out to beat the
(See movie).
My wife to help me twisted hand, scolded them: megapa macam megapa
, mau gaduh? even we have to play, thanks to other people in the pull. I told myself to hold back, because it is wrong to hit, hit more wrong!
Then a A staff pull out just like I said they have a friend, told me not to go. Another B staff came away A staff told him to do many things. In fact, the most painful thing, not only failed to help, also to make irresponsible remarks. Others told us the police, we would also like to, but there is no evidence, the alarm did not use.
By: along with the share out ~ ~ ~ let them on the newspaper! ! They want to be famous - we help them!!

Once again KFC Malaysia create a bad reputation for their company previously their staff purposely contaminated the food.

Here is my old post about the incident 



Here is another video to support the real video that the Chinese Guy didn’t use any racist comment just saying will complain to KFC I City and the staff for no reason bringing out the metal bar. I WILL KILL U!!!! <<< this i added myself opps

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Anonymous said...

Whatever the reasons, the customer should not utter racist profanities .
Malaysian must restrain themselves from making racist profanity when in tense situation. They have habit of profanities since schooldays……no people will take racist profanities lightly…….

Jimmy Teh said...

Totally agree but at the end of the day both side is wrong especially using racist comment that sometimes would put people at rage.

Anonymous said...

The guy who posted forgot to mention that the call the malay workers / employee cibai punya melayu. Witness who was there posted this on youtube comment. Serve him right, next time dont be shooting your mouth and cowardly hide behind your wife.