Saturday, May 14, 2011

First Ever TOPLESS SHOP(Grand View Topless Coffee Shop)

Here is their HISTORY when they first OPEN at 2009 until TODAY! According to the owner he say that he have found a recipe to success for his business and Vassalboro, Maine is the first shop that was OPEN and it was called Grand View Topless Coffee Shop and having waiter and waitress topless walking around. It is a town that have not more than 4,500 residents and at that time his business is growing rapidly. He still carrying on no matter what even though the resident staying there complain about their nudity related restaurant.


He hired about ten women and five guys out of 200 applicants that apply and he have variety of choices from skinny type to big size type of people. When his shop first open the economy was BAD with this shop it have help people to stay happy and forget about their problem. But today their business is not that good or popular anymore and they are force to cut or reduce working hours of their staff to stay alive and do not get high losses. The thing that thick his mind to close it down because of violation of two BILIBOARD!


Jan. 6, 2009: Donald Crabtree receives approval from the Vassalboro Planning Board to open the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop on Route 3.

Feb. 23, 2009: Crabtree opens the shop.

June 2, 2009: Crabtree appears before the Planning Board for a pre-application meeting to discuss his proposal to extend hours of operation and add dancing and a disc jockey.

June 3, 2009: Just hours after the Planning Board meeting, the coffee shop is destroyed in an early morning fire that investigators rule as arson.

June 8, 2009: At the annual Town Meeting, Vassalboro residents overwhelmingly approve a new ordinance regulating sexually oriented business in response to the coffee shop.

July 14, 2009: The Planning Board approves a permit for Crabtree to operate the business in a new building, once it’s constructed. Meantime, Crabtree later reopens the business in a trailer on the property.

April 6, 2010: The state Fire Marshal’s Office releases the name of the man suspected of setting the coffee shop on fire: Raymond Bellavance Jr., who investigators said dated one of the coffee shop’s waitresses.

May 5, 2010: Bellavance is arrested after U.S. marshals  nab him in South Carolina.

April 28, 2011: Vassalboro’s code officer notifies Crabtree that his business is violating town rules with two new signs placed on the property.

May 2011: Crabtree says he will be closing the coffee shop once the inventory is sold in the coming months. 


According to the owner Donald Crabtree said that his purpose opening this restaurant is to put smile on the customer face and their staff seeing topless girl walking here and there. But now he is not happy anymore because in 2 years time he have been sabotage so many times and he have enough of it. The point when he decided to close his shop is after advertising for topless car wash backfired and a larges sign that is call BOOBIES WANTED but was pull down after code officer giving him 7 days to take it down or face legal action and it is violating the zoning rules and he will close it down after sold all the inventory. According to the authority it is not because of what they advertise but it is more about the size and it is bigger than what are permitted. His goal to make a smile on people face was achieve but now how hard he try to fight to maintain his restaurant people would try their best to sabotage him.


The shop is located at Vassalboro, Maine so it is your chance to go there before it is close down for good even it is a bit pricy but it is one of the experience that you will not encounter before. The shop theme is to have topless waiter and waitresses to serve you(customer) and when they first open it create a lot of trouble especially community that is staying close by the restaurant because it is related to sexually oriented businesses.

Their ever first building was burn down by arson attack and the person behind this is Raymond Bellavance Jr and the person that having a relationship with one of the waitresses and until now it is awaiting trial to convict him GUILTY. People that are glad it is closing down soon because they believe it is giving bad names for the town and whoever take over will make a more family friendly business that everybody can go.


He get legal action it is because they are not allowed to open car wash on his property because it would change the properties allowed use. According to the corner he believe that he was treated unfairly by complaints and town council. Even there is rumor that his establishment have drug been used and even provide prostitution services. He said that what I am doing is just trying to make a living for my family and if I do not close it down it will slowly killing myself instead. Now his shop is charging $5 for door fee and it is mandatory tip for waiter and waitress and for the first cup of coffee is $3 and for every subsequent would cost $6!


Better ENJOY IT! Because it is CLOSE DOWN!

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