Monday, May 2, 2011


If you have not heard Nyotaimori it s meaning of body sushi it meaning that the food would be placed on top of a female body. Obviously the woman would be naked on the table and whole of her body would be placed with sushi.  You was thinking that Nyotaimori would be a hot girl wearing kimono serving you like a waiter than you are WRONG it is a bit EXTRAORDINARY!


THAN YOU THINK!!! It is my first time hearing too we all only know how to go sushi restaurant and eat SUSHI, garlic rice, hot char and etc etc.


From my point of view would be the purpose of this “ART” is to have a new TYPE of THEME to attract people of “NAKED GIRLS” than the attraction to the food. You will not have to worry that the woman skin is dirty or whatsoever because before they put the food on the woman they need to go through a procedure first. The hot platter can be a male too but most of the time it would be a FEMALE than a MALE.

It would sound something like this the platter(Female) would be trained to lie down on the table for hours without moving a muscle because the platter should make sure that they are relax and calm at all times. Not only most of the food that are served on her would be quite cold so she should make sure that she can’t withstand  the coldness. Than before any type of service the platter should bath on a type of special fragrance free soap and than at the end with a splash of cold water so that it can cool down the body. For other country to comply with their laws for cleanliness they are force to put a layer of plastic or any type of material to be put under the sushi.


At first people thought that it is JAPANESE TRADITION! If you think so than you are wrong. Because for today nyotaimori arts do not feel that it is existed today and you can hardly see this kind of restaurant and even bar announce wanted to do it just to attract people to attend their event. Because people said that it is disrespectful or objectifies of woman and man. By having this kind of attraction for a naked sushi it can cost up to US$75 that would be include with sushi,sake and etc.

Few years back even in CHINA they banned on meals that are served on naked body because they believe that it is insult to people moral quality and also showing that the country having a poor culture. Actually it is not the a JAPANESE culture but because it is related to sushi and people start assuming that this kind of thing origin is from JAPAN.


With high demand, this people would even pay US$120 in China  for a meal and you need to book in advance at least 3 days. It was existed long long long ago in “ANCIENT JAPAN”. Slowly it just to get out of hands because people used it on the wrong way that was used in bars as nudity for dinning and even for entertainment purpose. 

For example they used for meal on breast at are served in one of Hunan Province in China.


The sad thing that I have heard would be promoting a product that kids can make their own sushi on nyotaimori style(on a NAKED BODY) oh my god they are promoting this kind of thing to a KIDS. It would be ok for adult but it is no no for KIDS it is not safe to promote sexual stuff to kids at the young age. You know that kids like to learn or do thing what the TV show it would be one of the day they start experimenting thing that they shouldn’t do.



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