Friday, May 27, 2011

Studying Last Minutes is not that BAD AFTERALL!


She just look so adorable when she is STUDYIN!!!!


Actually studying last minute does help student to form a stronger memories when exam stress arrive. According to scientist say that on last minutes studying is much better than studying months squatting there to study for your final exams. When we are stress our stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline will alter the way genes inside our neurons function, on the same time enhancing their learning ability and that is what the research discover so far.

What motivate us to study even more is feeling the pressure that the exam is around the corner and studying a few days before exam the think we study will stuck at your mind but when we study a month or years ahead what we remember will slowly fade away if you know what I mean.

Sometimes unhappy memory will stay forever more than happy memory.  That is the stress cell according to biological point of view say that we will remember something when we are hurt badly or been threatened. It say that the human stress hormones that have in human brain and enhance our control on learning and memory.  As a result when we are stress enhances the process that is normally taking places when people learn.


“This enhanced learning caused by increased levels of stress consolidates the formation of memories in the hippocampus - the part of our brains directly involved with memory and learning.

Professor Reul's team have speculated that this reprogramming of the genes in the brain helps nerve cells to grow and develop larger networks.

Cortisol and adrenaline are essential components of humans' 'fight or flight' mechanism - the neuro-biological response to stressful situations that has evolved through millions of years.

At moments of stress these hormones flood the bloodstream, raising blood-sugar levels to speed up the metabolism and provide a burst of energy.

This mechanism would have helped ancient man to escape from or prevail in dangerous situations.

The action of these hormones on brain activity would have also helped to forge strong memories warning them to avoid similar situations in the future.” COPY FROM DAILYMAIL.CO.UK

Too scientific until I don’t understand MYSELF!!!


According to Professor seul that having to much stress is not good too because possibility we can’t get new information when we are stress and health problem too. Our brain work on a system like override mode and that is why our memory formation is not that efficient.

If you don’t understand the post the main point here is that studying last minutes is A GOOD THING! ^^

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