Sunday, May 1, 2011

Turn PORK into BEEF in 90 Minutes! SMELL and LOOK like ONE!

I think when you go out there be careful what you are eating because sometimes what you are eating is not something pure and not only that it is harmful to you too. It can be ANYTHING the best solution would be to cook yourself and you will know what to add and what to do. It confirm that the additivies been added is not safe for consumption.

As you know this is not their first time doing fake product the one that I heard not long ago was the fake Egg it look so similar like egg. Their purpose of doing so would be beef is more expensive than pork so by using pork as beef will make them more money from it. This funny beef additives was found in one of the restaurant located at Jiangxi, Fujian. By doing so it will make restaurant more money out of it and it is not hard to turn the PORK into BEEF.

For them to do it they just need to pour this additive into the PORK and marinate it about 90 minutes than WALAH the PORK would SMELL like BEEF and even LOOKED like ONE!

So be CAREFUL out there and WHAT YOU EAT!

Beef 1

If I am not wrong this would be the BLACK SAUCE!!!

Beef 2

This would be the WHITE STUFF that will make the PORK become tough like a BEEF!

Beef 3


Beef 4


Beef 6

One is HARD! The other is BROWNISH like a BEEF!

Beef 7



This is how they DOO IT!

Beef 8

Beef 9

Beef 10

Beef 11

Beef 12

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