Monday, April 18, 2011

Adele Edwards Have Been Eating Sofa Cushion for YEARS!

Sound yummy right? Sound tasty like Wafer+ with ice cream but in reality it is TASTELESS!!!!


For you all will be the first time you hearing this it can be TRUE I think I have heard a FEMALE eaten GLASS before just like we eating FOOD and I think I saw it before in RIPLEY BELIEVE it OR NOT! Now she is about 31 years old and she have been eating sofa cushion for about 21 years. Her name is Adele Edwards and she is mother of five and she is diagnosed with rare disorder called Pica. It is a type of addiction that make you to eat sofa cushion.


She is now FINDING for HELP because her addiction of eating sofa cushion is getting out of control and according to doctor it can even KILLED her. She said that in a year alone she have eaten about seven sofas and it is scary. She said that once she started eating it she will not stop it is just like when we are eating something that we really love.  This rare disorder pica normally happen on toddler or even pregnant women because their body lack of nutrient than that is why they are attracted to non nutrition product for example like chalk, coins and many more.


Normally it is caused by stress and she say that she start eating sofa cushion when her parents trying to get a divorce and her life is out of control and she do not know why her parents would want to break up just like that. She start eating cushion when she was only 10 years because her cousin was playing with her by chewing on sofa cushion as you know when you are young you like to experience something new that make me want to try it too.


I love eating it because she like the flavor inside of my mouth and started eating until today with any sign of STOPPING. She said that she eat sofa cushion 15 times per day and it would be about a pillow a week. If she do not stop eating sofa cushion possibility her stomach have blockage and it may EXPLODE and that what make her want to STOP because she is SCARE it may happen. Because something similar happen when she was rushed to a hospital when doctor found out that her intestine was block.


Than she was force to put a tube down her throat to clear the blockage and if it still block doctor thinking of doing a surgery to remove the blockage.  But lucky some laxatives was able to force through the blockages through her body. She said that it is one of the experiences that she can’t forget because it is the most painful think happen in my life. She said that the size of the blockage is like the size of a grapefruit.

It started like this she start chewing the cushion and spit it out but time goes by small bit of the cushion she swallow eat and it is slowly slowly become addict to it. Now she even take out the sofa cushion and rub with dirt and eat it because she say that it make it more crunchier. Normally I would unzip a cushion and tear piece by piece like half the size of a pencil.


I will not do in front of my family and my boyfriend would monitor how much that I eaten and he will make sure that I have eaten lesser and lesser. A addiction become a lot harder when her parents moved to a new home and there is stockpile of cushion lying around and it is too tempting to feed on it. She say that she decided to go to therapy center in California to stop one and for all and she is serious quitting for GOOD.


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