Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ji Hyun Ji, 20 have not BRUSH TEETH for more than 10 YEARS!

That is why people have said many times it is not about the looks but what is inside. Because on the outside they can use make-up or born a beauty queen to cover what bad inside. So make sure that before you fall in love in someone better check their attitude, habit and many more. Even though you are pretty doesn’t guarantee that you will get all the guys out there.

Maybe you will get them but short period of time after knowing about you and your bad habit and so on. It would be a JACKPOT if they get a pretty girl + their personality fit them nicely. Ya it is fun not BRUSHING TEETH more time for you to do things but just think for LONG TERM even though you are pretty but your mouth smell everybody would run away because people can’t stand the SMELL!


So adorable right her? But SMELLY SMELLY TEETH

She claim that she have not brush her teeth for more than 10 years already it can be publicity stunt whatsoever but there is this kind of people in this world so you are one of them better do something about it. If not you will start seeing people starting to avoid you and when talking to you they would keep a distance. Even though you don’t like it just do for the sake of “BEAUTY” so if you don’t start know than when you will want to start?

A TV show host by Martian Virus is one of the popular programme from tvN based on Seoul. The purpose of the show is to find out the people habits or characteristics that are weird or extraordinary and they are really really really really really really really really really really PROUD of IT!


Some of the habit that are reveal in the TV show shock a lot of people even Ji Hyun Ji look so cute and adorable but her TEETH is so yeeewwzzzzz. Just like Transsexual in Thailand they look like a GIRL but actually there are a GUY you would like say it is IMPOSSIBLE there are so beautiful than a girl we normally around us. TO TELL YOU A THINK IN THIS WORLD EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF WE TRY OUR BEST EVEN THOUGH WE FAIL AT LEAST WE TRY THAN NEVER TRY AT ALL.

When the show introduce Ji Hyun Ji her habit doesn’t match with her appearance and she also known as “Cutey Yellowish”. She say that the last time she remember she brush her teeth would be her mother brushing for her. Now she is 20 years – 10 years = 10 years old! So when she is 10 was the last time she brush her teeth like I am in primary school at standard 4.

imagesarthurs CK ong

She said that she do not understand why people love to brush teeth so much not like people would look into your mouth. Yaya they would not look at your mouth but the AROMA they give can kill a PERSON. Some people can’t stand the SMELL they just open their MOUTH the SMELL would RUSH out in SECONDS and it will KILL your FIRST IMPRESSION for GOOD.

She even said that the food that start in her teeth would help to protect her teeth. If she did like that BACTERIA are making Bungalow houses in her MOUTH. Just imagine when you kiss her suddenly there is spaghetti meat from last night in your mouth! Yeeewwzzz *Puke * Puke


She only wipes her teeth on special occasions with tissues! Sound Clean?

The show trying to reveal their dentist diagnosis done on Ji Hyn Ji and they say that you will have shock of your life she even said that she don’t even know the way or how to brush her teeth. The TV programmed would try to persuade her to start BRUSHING her TEETH Again so that not the beauty in the MOUTH stay. 

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