Monday, April 11, 2011

Catalina and Carol have Gigantic Breast Due to Hypertrophy

The first would be CAROL ORTIZ! She is a Bolivian that suffer from gigantonastia and also known as hypertrophy of breast. She is only 22 years old now and desperately need for operation to reduce her big bust that believe weight up to 20 pound and if this problem still persist sooner or later she will have back problem. She said that her problem don’t stop there her breast non stop growing and it get bigger and bigger every time.

According to the reporter that interview with her mother house in Trindad that she have a baby and her family can’t afford to pay for her medical treatment so she is asking donation or help from the people to reduce her breast size. Believe that her problem is cause by hormonal changes in her body for example like puberty that have cause her breast to grow abnormally and it is hard for her to carry it around an she get tired easily when carry her 20 pounds thingy.


This is how she look like when she is younger!!! She is GORGEOUS and because of what she is suffering have affected her life a lot! That is why some people that are very LUCKY in this WORLD and some of them are unfortunate. So appreciate what you have now because out there got people that are worst than that. So if you are the fortunate one HELP OTHERS don’t be selfish.

If it happen to you and nobody would help you! HOW WOULD YOU FEEL?


She said that have experiences constant back pain and now she have a bent back it don’t sound so good. The best solution to save her would be to to have surgery for breast reduction that not only it can cure her back but she can go back to her old lifestyle. Some people pay million or thousand for plastic surgery to make their bust big but for long run would not be good actually not good for your back you are putting extra weight for your back.

It can LOOK GOOD! There is always CONSEQUENCES in EVERYTHING!!!!! If you want to see the news VIDEO you can DOWNLOAD ONLINE but I think the language is in Spanish or something hardly understanding ANYTHING!


Catalina Hernandez that is suffering from hypertrophy of breast she start suffering when she was pregnant until than her breast can’t stop growing bigger and bigger. This is how she look like before the incident happen. It can be scary something that this kind of thing happen.


Sometimes in LIFE thing will not go  your way as you want it but you can change it by FIGHTING for it until the END because if we don’t fight for something we like we will not get the thing we really wanted. Life is about challenge life without a challenge is NO FUN!!!!!

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