Sunday, April 24, 2011

Movie Review The Roomate



College student Sara finds that her new roommate Rebecca has an obsession with her, which quickly turns violent and thing get out of hand!!!!!



I would say that it is my first time seeing this kind of movies that people obsess or PSYCHO to the person to do whatever way to protect or force the person to spent more time to them. At first the story was like OK she look cute so innocent but when times goes by can see that Rebecca (Leighton Meester) true color  what she really want to do and actually she is psycho and she even go as far killing someone for the sake of that girl.  She even go as far by hurting herself just to get sympathy from Sara Matthews to stay with her. When start of the movies Sara Matthews the girl that Rebecca is stalking actually I taught she was Leighton Meester because both of them look quite similar. What make the movies more interested to me would be 2 cute girls in the movies Leighton Meester(Rebecca) and Minka Kelly(Sara Matthews) should I say cute or hot but just like want to squeeze both of their cheek. Back to the story if in real life if it happen it would be quite scary and you will not expect what they would do next and all of your friends would start avoiding you. If it I happen to you better find HELP if not you will be going to have TROUBLE in the FUTURE!






Would recommend to people that love to see people that obsess of a person and they would do anything to get it and even people that love to see hot chick in the movies and hot chick psycho. Would not recommend to people that cannot see torturing and etc etc etc.




Don’t you think she look adorable and cute? She is Sara Matthews in the MOVIE ROOMATE


Don’t you think they look similar?


Don’t you think Rebecca are finding ways to spent time with her MORE and MORE


Even sleeping on the SAME BED she can’t get enough of her!!!


She is one of the victim that get beaten up by Rebecca and was given warning to her do not ever disturb Sara Matthews or just will get it! Than she start avoiding Sara Matthews because the threat that was given by Rebecca.

You think her threat is nothing but you should see what she have done at the end of the movies even getting a GUN to Kill Sara Matthews friends!!!

Just saw The Roomate Facebook application and try to found out what it is all about!!!


Aaaaahhh so SWEET of HER! I wish she was my GIRLFRIEND Too!! Cute but a bit PSYCHO that ALL! Crazy because of LOVE


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