Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poonam Pandey Will Strip Naked if INDIA Win the WORLD CUP!

Have you heard the same story day in day out? I have heard many from WORLD CUP such Larissa Riquelme to strip naked if their own country win the WORLD CUP it can be publicity stunt or motivating them to WIN for the COUNTRY. You decide but for me it is PUBLICITY STUNT just like Larissa Riquelme she say that if Paraguay win she will strip naked but at the end Paraguay did not win but she did strip naked for a MAGAZINE.

So what different does she make?


This STUNT is GETTING OLD!!! More and More people will not BELIEVE sooner or LATER! From my point of view she don’t look so pretty but maybe for others it will be much different. Even Larissa riquelme are looking for publicity at least she look hot and a bit bitchy here and there.

I just want to CLEAR the AIR actually it is the CRICKET WORLD CUP not the FOOTBALL WORLD CUP. She is so young only 20 years old. India 7 days ago India is in the SEMI FINAL and their next match is up against PAKISTAN. People get a bit crazy when she revealed that she will strip naked if INDIA win the CRICKET WORLD CUP and a lot of people hoping that INDIA would win so that they would get rewarded something EXTRA.


She promise she would do so and it is one of the way that she can show support to her team. She even get an offer to pose naked for one of the magazine out there and get pay about half million dollar. She rejected it is because going nude is for the purpose for India to win not for a MAGAZINE. She even get threatening call from moral police and she try her best to avoid it.

She say that one of the Universities have study that by doing so will boost the performance of the team and they would try their best to do so than TRYING to. She even said that medical books can confirm it is TRUE. She said that she would perform in Indian cricket team dressing room or any places that they wanted. She say that doing in PRIVATE so that would not be against the law.


She will do so if the teams members do not have any objection whatsoever and BCCI giving the green card to do so. Who would want to REJECT a GOOD OFFER LIKE THIS!!!

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