Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Marika Fruscio Show her Assest to LIVE TV!

Her name is Marika Fruscio and she also known as the bold Italian famous celebrity because she have been acting in the show call Vomini e Donne means by Men and Women is trying to conquer the market in this hectic schedule. Obviously people would start to notice what is happening because she keep showing her assets to the television.

Even the other competitor in the studios can’t keep their eye away from her almost fall off cleavage. You can see the video she keep pulling pulling up her dress to cover up her boobs because maybe it is wardrobe malfunction or the dress is too small for her big thingy or a publicity stunt to make her even more famous than before even though she look so hot already by now.


This video become so hot it is because Marika did not wear anything to cover her assets just a dress to cover it up the whole commentary or review about the football I did not notice anything after the movie end because people are busy looking at her assets that she can’t stop pulling pulling it.  Even with that people are trying to take advantage of this incident to give people VIRUS LINK to Click on Facebook.

It happen LONG AGO!!!!


Here is the VIDEO for your enjoyment!!! It would be like one of the BEST TV Channel that you have ever WATCHED and you hope there is MORE even MORE! HOPE YOU ENJOY THE VIDEO!

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