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Have you not heard about this movies? It is freaking hot everywhere because it is first ever 3D porn ever release in the WORLD. It even get a better rating than a movie that is quite ok maybe because it is a PORN movies the rating is a bit higher.

Here is the synopsis of the movies As a conceited scholar of the Ming Dynasty, Wei Yangsheng believes that since life is short, one should pursue the ultimate sexual pleasure as time allows. Wei Yangsheng encounters Tie Fei the Taoist priest's daughter, Tie Yuxiang, on an occasion. With the former's talent and the latter's beauty, they fall in love at first sight, and Wei Yangsheng is later married into the Tie's family. Yuxiang is elegant and courteous under the influence of her father's faith, though her lack of passion cannot fully satisfy Wei Yangsheng's sexual needs. His disappointment is no less than his affection for her. Written by Mark Wu


I think by reading the synopsis of the movie you will know WHAT TO EXPECT! After seeing hot chick in the movies covering with a thick make up you will know what is the movie is all about if you do not found out what is the meaning of the title of the movies above.

extreme_ecstasy_mb033d sex and zen press 123d sex and zen press 5

As you know the movie name is SEX and ZEN: EXTREME ECSTASY in 3D! You will be surprise that this SEX movies even beat Avatar first day record and release in HONG KONG first than slowly moving to all over the WORLD but sad to say in MALAYSIA you will not have a CHANCE to watch it too bad. The cost of the movie to make would be around $3.5 million.

Actually the movie Sex and Zen is a remake the movie of 1991 that have the same name and obviously it shown all the nudity and on the same time trying to hide lovemaking scenes so that it will not show the real sexual intercourse in the movies.

215012_Yukiko Suo

In the movies there is star like Hara Saori and Suo Yukiko is a Japanese PORN STAR! Then even Vonnie Liu is one of Hong Kong actress is the girl second picture from above.  This movie on the first day it make $360,000 compare to Avatar $340,000 so it prove that doesn’t mean you are leader in the market people cannot beat you. A good example just like Microsoft and APPLE. For Taiwan alone it make about $590,000 until sunday even though it can’t beat the Hollywood but it is still consider as one of the best opening ever for a Chinese Movies.

It said that the movies have pass people expectation according to Shiu. Because when 3D first arrive people have fantasize about PORN in 3D and this is the first and people are also curious how would it feel or look like in 3D just like Avatar when you watch in 3D but it is even better. According to Shiu it say that it is a good attempt to use 3-D technology in theatre to release erotic films and even though in the WEST there are dominating it.

Worlds-first-3D-porn-film3Worlds-first-3D-porn-film93d sex and zen press 4

Not only that their local viewers have help to boast their box office. But in Hong Kong the movies was only allowed ages 18 and above to let them to see the film and it is not the first time people going to Hong King just to evade censorship by Chinese authorities. It even release in country like in Australia, South Korea(May 12), France, Italy and India would be release in JUNE. But for Malaysian you will not have to worry because in Singapore they are releasing the movies in May so it is not that bad after all just travel to Singapore to see it and come back.

3d sex and zen press 8

Obviously every movies have their own TRAILER! It is the same as the Sex and ZEN!!!




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