Sunday, September 27, 2009

I hate working in group assignment

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I hate working in group for assignment because when I call them to finish by that day they will make excuse such as  i only 2 days ago saw it, can i sent to you tomorrow WTF damn shit loh them. Wasting time I have a lot of thing to do to wait for all you damn idiot for this and that. Some more wasting my credit for SMS you to remind you to sent to me even never reply me back, damn hate them. They think they very good always act like shit head. This all bunch of bull shit people. Even never do at least tell they all just keep quiet like a idiot. Want to join people group but lazy as hell. They think I very free like them, i also have my own thing to do. Got 6 people in the group only 3 people are done the other 3 don’t know what brain problem do they have 2 person SMS them keep quiet never reply or anything wasted my credit. Then for the 1 more person say 2 days ago only saw email WTF that day 1 week ago SMS him he say sure i will finish it now say not yet finish WTF this all the stupid clown. This person all damn bullshiting.

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