Friday, September 25, 2009

Win a Flip Camera my travel to THAILAND

Before I start my grandfather story or anything you call it, it is a quite long ago trip but i will try to flashback by seeing some of my picture that I have taken and only talk about most interesting part of it. When I first arrived to Thailand what caught into my mind is AQUA mean Boys become a GIRL in fake type of way. The first place we got is a safari park or animal park i can’t remember it nicely the fun part is I saw a elephant can ride a bicycle and do some drawing. Below is the picture of the elephant riding a bicycle and painting is style So adorable.


There is the Elephant so clever in riding the bicycle.


 The elephant painting skill is unbelievable, even myself can’t draw like that only can draw turtle

There is a lot of other activities such as dolphin,monkey and many more. Then the folowing place we go are Phuket island enjoy varieties of activities such as motorboat, banana boat. Then I went to swim at the sea, first jump inside salt went into my eye and nose cannot swim also haha. After done with it, next will be FUN thing to do for GUYS only, Girls will hate it. Then we went to a AQUA show, wow all the girl look unbelievable but how stunning there are they are still a GUY with 2 EGG and 1 sausage hanging around. Below are some of the AQUA picture.


This the AQUA show i love the blue colour, she is cute but SHE IS MALE =[


I rub the guy face because he is not beautiful, got even more shirtless than this but underage is not allowed


After done watching all the hot lady guys we went to the market to enjoy the local delicacy. Before you look at the picture please do not vomit or do not eat when you are looking at the picture below it is delicious=] Yummy 


Look at the yummy insect Cockroach, worm maybe this make me wanted to be vegetarian.


The following day we went to animal park a lot of thing to watch, there is tiger with their babies(PIG), there is crocodile too and the last we watch a crocodile show it is  interesting, the sad part is the crocodile never eat the head. Next i forgot the name but it like James BOND show in front of our eye. The worst part is the people sitting in front will feel the breeze of the heat from the fire and water.



See all the cute Piglet AKA babies tiger! It look weird the nose and the eye


I think the crocodile is vegetarian!



I was waiting for the James Bond to save that girl.


The last event that are nice is watching the Dolphin and the weird fish i don’t know what it called but it does look interesting and fun to watch it. Below are the pictures


Cute Penguin i mean dolphin jumping!

This all the fun and interesting i encounter. Maybe in the future i will come and visit Thailand in the future when I am rich. Hoping i can become rich so i can retired early and travel around the world with someone =] special. Before I end this, below are picture of me =] when I am back from Phuket to be transported back to the hotel.

Below is picture of me 3 years ago! =] UGLY RIGHT!


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