Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thinking. Time have change and it is time for me to keep moving

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It is holiday. Something that I can’t get out of my head is i always think about you but I try not to think about it because we still have better to think. Normally I think . back, i am not good enough for you that is always i think about it. But sometimes it disappoint me how you do this and that. But I always keep on my mind that you will be in my heart always.

Getting to childish or something changing topic>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Holiday have started it will be a long week or maybe a short week. There is a few more assignment to do then we are done with it the important one only. Only left around 3 assignment left to do then to enjoy more. That is a long week will have more time to do assignment and on the same hanging around to enjoy. Don’t know why last time on the first and second semester feel like want to learn something new, but starting for third semester starting to get lazy and stuff. For example like mid-term is near i only want to study a bit and rest. Hoping I can push myself, all the barrier. College live starting to get boring by the minutes even in the class feel boring like want to sleep in the class. Normally see in the class the front to row will be the people that pay attention in the class but all the back would be busy talking or sleeping to enjoy the air-cond in the class. If live is like walk in a part everybody would get a well known certificate. Hoping to meet new GIrls and Boys next on degree so that they can change my mood about Studying. Don’t really like our batch of class.

Like what one person say we should be close to everybody. But by looking with my 2 own eye see also know that our class sometimes talk to you when they need help, or something. When meet up, when walking at the hall way they will look like they never see you in your life sometimes. But I am good doing that but I never show it yet. Times come i will show my through color but now still not the time yet. Sometimes when like this happen just carry on, on our life what can i do beg in front of you ask you to like me that will be impossible to me. I don’t really care how people think about me at least i achieve my goal and i happy about it that is what i only wanted. If now can’t there is in our work life that we can learn and appreciate about our life. Sometimes time come people will change no matter if their are hiding or acting good. Pretending something that you are not is something that we can’t keep it very long. Sometimes I think about that person he always think about his other friends than me,that is what I hate most about him.

What should I worry much because there are 2 month to go before everything will be over and seeing our new environment and knowing new people is better knowing people that we have know. Meeting new people would make ourselves refresh and finding new friends or meeting someone special that can change my life. Sometimes knowing people that you know long enough is someone that can make me hate about them. Typing here is that i want to make something straight about them and I have a lot of thing to do then just to think about them. I just want to clear myself and carry back to my work what I do best.

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