Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My latest Wish list GAMES!


I love about Fifa 10 is because the Game play and everything is good and nice but i don't like the most is every time they release a new series, they will use the same gameplay as always and only tweak here and there a bit. But hopefully when there fully release it, it will be more fun than the old one, still need to wait few more weeks before it release heard it will be releasing at October.


Need For Speed: SHIFT

I love Need For Speed series because it always give something new, and their storyline is sometimes interesting as hell bur sometimes they don’t. When they release a new game every year sometimes the good are good but sometimes it never reach the par what i wanted. But more or less every year they release a new game it is surely enjoying not that horrible like BIG RIGS<<< whatever they call them. IF you have a good graphic card the game will look as beautiful as hell, waiting to get it soon. =]

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