Sunday, September 20, 2009


My match analysis between MANUnited and MANCity

I think Manchester United deserve to WIN but they let GOAL get into the net too easily. For the ManUtd that was fast goal and nice it scored at the 2nd minutes. GOAL from rooney, hope his scoring streak keep going and on and on. Then just a few second City get a GOAL back because of Ben Foster mistake. Ben Foster want to kick the ball back to the box but Tevez was fast and he make a silly mistake he should shoot the goal away but Tevez get hold of the ball and pass it to Barry and he score but Vidic can’t do much because he have stretched to his limit but can’t touch the ball. Then on the second half Fletcher score 2 goal, but it is unexpected goal from him but he score are virtual goal, when Fletcher score the 2nd GOAL City score back when rooney make a mistake and City get hold the ball and score it. Then Fletcher score again, then bellamy score a beautiful at the top corner even the keeper can touch it, the goal he score is almost the end of 90 minutes. Then extra 4 minutes are added and city manager keep pushing the referee at the line to tell him that it is time, but that is time when Manchester United score the winning goal even i jump like a GOAT that unbelievable Manchester United have WON the match.  As you see at the match Like MANU and CITY was playing a game when MANU score City will score but at the end MANU score City don’t have the time to continue the game.

image              image


Rooney 2’                                Barry 15’

Fletcher 49’                             Bellamy 51’

Fletcher 79’                             Bellamy 89’

Owen   95’


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