Saturday, September 19, 2009

Its Krrunch Time, Get Playful

My theme is Krrunch Time at SCHOOL.For me how I can enjoy myself while I am eating Pringles. Normally during class hours will be boring by taking out my Pringles it would make the class more interesting maybe more interesting for myself than other. By eating it would make myself more comfortable  during class and hope do not get caught in the class eating. By eating Pringles while in class would make my day more interesting and do not get bored just watching the teacher keep talking and talking. Not only can we can have Krrunch in the class but we can go to other places such as football while eating I can play my football but hope the Pringles do not fall so that I have something to motivate me to score more goals. This surely can help me to have more Krrunch in life than ever before. By looking at the first picture it show that even a kitten can have Krrunch by eating Pringles. Maybe the kitten is too happy until it stuck in the can!

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