Wednesday, March 2, 2011


As you all know most of you have been using  prepaid most of the time you feel that telcos overcharge you sometimes but you wouldn’t know how much their charge. Most of the time they provide different type of plans and marketing just to confuse their customer so that they feel that they got something more out of it. Sometimes I can say most of the time when people using prepaid they feel left out from people that is using line and most of the time contest and so on they have the priority to win.
I am not choosing any side I can say that people using prepaid surely love TUNE TALK it is because any number that you SMS will be flat 5 sen and comparing to my current service provider they charge about 10 sen for different number. For calling I am not really sure but I can confirm that charges calling other country is guarantee cheaper because my friend call back to his country is charge RM4.00+++ calling less than a minutes but for TUNE TALK they only charge RM0.88 sen per minutes.
Yup! I can say that theirs is one of the cheapest among all! Even their starter kit is freaking cheap cost only RM5 and extra RM4 talktime credit. The best thing among all would be that no WAR of high price of numbers you choose because TUNE TALK let you choose the number you like online so it is a bit fair and nobody paying thousand for a nice number. I almost forgot to say that their internet usage is 5 sen per mb.
Obviously you have not heard that Insurance company to protect you? This would be your first because TUNE TALK provide free RM100,000 accidental insurans coverage by Etiqa.
I can say that using it is no harm because the starter kit cost RM5 with RM4 credit than you can use it for a day or two if you don’t like it just leave it but I can say that it is worth it to give a try. You will think that their coverage would be bad because there are new, you shouldn't worry much it is because TUNE TALK is using Celcom coverage so no worry about it.
What I like about TUNE TALK would be on the phone will tell you where you are something like GPS and sometimes it is good to know where you are. For now I do not have much COMPLAIN about TUNE TALK even there is but they have more advantages than disadvantages. They even giving away free Air Asia flights by collecting points whenever you top up your phone.
I can say that they giving away more than they get!!!!
Last month they have contest call “TURN ME ON!” I can it is real it is because I WON something from them and some lucky participants WON TOO!

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