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Kim Petra Youngest Transsexual and a Pop star SENSATION!

Can say that this story is quite long already but I only notice it few days back and on that time I have not yet start blogging yet. So some of you have known about the story and some not. But the important fact would be some of the transsexual from MALE to FEMALE are so pretty than a real female that is the fact that we can’t run away it.

In the future we would have a hard time to know if the person in front of us is a real female or not. I mean of “WE” is pointing on the GUYS!!! So GOOD LUCKY! Finding out!


Not only she is the youngest transsexual but she is talented too at the age of 16 she have create herself as a pop sensation. Years to come she would be as big as SELENA GOMEZ and her real name is Tim Petras and now is known as Kim Petras. Than a few days before her 16 years old she have a sex change that is what she really wanted when she was only 2.

She say that when she was born she have not ever think twice to be a boy anymore and just want to be a girl. When I am growing up I behave like a girl even though I have two older sister. No matter what they support me whatever I am doing and they believe that I am just going to a phase of life. Whenever someone ask me if now do I feel like a women I would say that at the start I ended in a wrong body.


She said that she only keep girly stuff and only have girl friends and love to play dolls so much. I can say that when I was young I love the color of pink and dresses. She have make her dreams come true as earlier as expected because the legal age for transgender surgery was dropped. She was name the youngest transsexual because she done a SEX CHANGE on 16 and her competitor done at the age 2002 at 17.

She create a lot of buzz around and one of the leading GERMAN hair salon have make her face as their product. Because people will keep saying about my past but I believe that one day they would forget about it and appreciate my talented and what I really wanted to be.  Her mom say that she know what she want and she would fight for it no matter what.


Dr, Bernd Meyenberg who is the heads of Psychiatric Special Outpatient Clinic for Children and Adolscents say that he encounter a small number of youth psychiatrists that experience in transsexual developments. He say that he is against on such operation on children but even though he is against it but he have done the operation because you can see how happy are them and sometimes rules are mean to be BROKEN.

In Germany sex change below 18 are normally not allowed but Kim Petras managed to convince the doctor to allowed her to have surgery at the age of 12 and by the age 14 she is officially look like one and feel like a WOMEN. For the cost of the procedure is cover by the health insurance because her condition stated as an illness.


Before the se change I having a hard time to wear tight skirt or dress but now I can wear whatever I want and I can wear a bikini for swimming or even going into a changing room. I can’t wait to wear one of my favorites swim suit and go swimming that I can’t do before the surgery and NOW I CAN! Now I am pursuing my study on FASHION DESIGN.

At 2008 she sign with Joyce Records and released her first single “LAST FOREVER” and she become an instant hi not only in MYSPACE but even in YOUTUBE. Her last singe Fade Away have about 250,00 hits. I bet you when you hear her song you will not even know that she is really a GUY at the PAST and her singing and her voice is quite different from other artist.

Here is one of her SINGLE “LAST FOREVER”

After hearing her song she is like talking about her DREAMS! Even though we know our dreams is IMPOSSIBLE and if we FIGHT for it one day it will come true even though it force us to break the law to make our dreams COME TRUE.


Here another SINGLE “FADE AWAY”

She say that she started singing because inspiration from her mother as a jazz singer and she have been putting music videos that she have sang such as song from Alicia Keys. A record label saw my talent and get in touch with me and produced a album. My music is hard to describe because it have mixture of electronic beats, high tempo and etc.

I love to write pop music and my role model would be BEYONCE, GWEN STEFANI, LADY GAGA and more. I would want to be different than other singer out there and would not want to copy them so that I am different and SPECIAL.


She said than when she was in school she was always been bullied and I never said anything about it and try my best to ignore them no matter what. I have been fighting all my life to be what I WANT TO BE that is what make me grow STRONGER each day. A lot of my real friends knew me as Tim and Kim and the different is just a singe alphabet and it sound almost the same.

My friends accept what I am really are! That is why TRUE friends would be at your side no matter what happen and support you but FAKE friends would just come to you when they need help and after that they would not even know who you are. It is not about how many friends you have but how many TRUE FRIENDS you HAVE.


I can say that I am really lucky with friends because they are always there for me no matter what and support me from start to end. She said than even though she have been bullied to be what she really wanted to be but just look now what she have become. The most important would be she is happy what she want to become.

So now you had the LAST LAUGH?


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Anonymous said...

I am speachless. Crying my eye's out. With a butterflied stomach, warm fuzzy heart. And honored to be able to leave this comment. I am mtf.. pre op. due to family and unfair circumstances I still battle society and their veiws on transgender and so forth. I am looking for a way to start the process, and now that I have come across you and seen this, I have more hope, more inspiration, more drive, and confidence. You are insanely beautiful kim. and so very talented. I am a musiciam myself, I'm the whole band in trade. sing, drum, sax, rythm n bass. I had no inspiration, and was just about to give up. Then kim petra popped up and bitch slapped me one.. THANK YOU. My name is cody, I go by Kira Richelle. even though we don't know each other, and our ages are well apart aways, I feel like I have a friend. I need a friend as people claim to be cool with it but nobody ever understands, my own parents discriminate, my lil baby sister is cool with it and supports me all the way, even her hubby has been known to wear her jeans at times.. soooo hot. You may be the youngest. well you are also the bravest, and in my minds eye, a huge heroine, HEROOOO!! to me and probably many others whom are pegged down my the beligerant opinion of society. It would be so cool if we could chat. maybe someday I'll be on some talk show and you'll walk out, and I'll faint. but just knowing that you had the guts and the heart to stand your ground makes me believe in new ways that anything is possable, and that we are who we are and well everyone who has a deal will have to make a choice. I almost gave up Kim, just about burned all my clothes make up and such, then I came across this website tonight and found you, and immediatley was inspired.. I'm going for it and am not going to let anyone or anything stand in my way. your 16 or so. and I just turned thirty two. well I guess I don't have time to waste before I lose my princessness. LMAO.. ablemin collin fb.. if you ever wanna chat, KIM you rock. and to me, are an angel. Please never change anything about yourself personicaly.. your too damn awsome.
signed Kira Richelle.
P.s I wrote a previous letter, but doubt it went through as I previewed it and well messed it up after that, so daquri's are on me, versache steletto's for a thank you gift. and a huge hug. couldn't have had my faith and confidence and so much more renewed with out your story, hearing your songs, or seeing your pictures.. forever indebt to you, Kira, (squeaky girl) Richelle

Jimmy T said...

Don't worry if you think that what you want just do it without care abut other ppl say because they are trying to push you down

Anonymous said...