Monday, March 7, 2011

Have you TRY “Breast Milk Ice Cream”

For some of you will sound disgusting and some people would say it is weird but I would want to try it myself. Not long ago I heard was cheese make from breast milk but now it is milk with ice cream it can sound disgusting but you should try once in a life time I bet some of you when you are young you have try your mom breast milk before and you have not complain whatsoever.

Obviously people would try but people would FEAR eating it because breast milk believe that can spread viral infections.article-1360225-0D525B8F000005DC-782_634x400

Their breast milk ice cream is served in a cocktail glass and it is call Baby Gaga it sound like Lady Gaga and it is sold about 13 Euro. The first person ever donate the breast milk would be Victoria Hiley that provided about 30 ounces of breast milk that can served up 50 servings. For them to make more ice cream they need the community help by offering 15 euro for 10 ounces of milk extracted from breast pumps.



Here is their secret of their breast milk ice cream would blend with Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest and than would be freshly churned and make it into ice cream. As you can see below the costume the girl is wearing is call Baby Gaga. The ice cream is make while they are mixing with liquid nitrogen. Than it is poured out using a syringe than it served with a rusk whatever it is.

The Breast milk ice cream news spread like hot cakes even the REAL LADY GAGA know about it. After she knew about it she attempt to sue the company because using similar name as her and they will not get a lawsuit if they change the name of the ice cream. Lady gaga claim that the ice cream dessert will destroy her image. Than the owner Matt O’Connor say that the lawsuit Lady Gaga put is ridiculous and he will FIGHT until the END he believe that at the end he will win the LAWSUIT.


Here she is Victoria Hiley the first person to donate her breast milk! When Victoria heard about this advertisement have to offer she taught it was a prank or a joke and a lot of people debate about this and commented about it. Her curiosity make her to find out about this offer and than her breast milk have been used for something good to the community to enjoy. Than after knowing it was real other 13 women volunteered to donate their breast milk to the establishment.

To maintain the standard at the highest level and disease free the owner say the breast milk will go through a health checks it is he same way as it growing through when hospital wan to check blood donors blood it is good to use or not. She say that her purpose donating breast milk to the ice cream shop would be to give awareness to new mothers that how tasty is breast milk is so that they would willing to breast feed their new born as you know nowadays most moms feed their baby with milk powder than their milk.


According to the owner he say that with his new ice cream creation it would go well with the people and say that the Baby Gaga ice cream is not only creamy but rich in protein and said that nobody ever created as interesting ice cream as he did. He say that his goal making this ice cream would be to change people think about ice cream and encourage more of them to donate their breast milk to the establishment.

Than not long ago there is number of complaints and the local authorities seized their supply and on the same time testing it is positive with viral infection or not and people believe that breast milk can spread viruses such as hepatitis and that is why it is not safe for consumption. Than the local council taken all ice cream that contained breast milk for further investigation.

Than his only choice MOOO MILK!

Here is a VIDEO for u TO ENJOY!

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RS said...

ok, this is so WEIRD! I mean, yeah, we've all had breast milk as babies but as adults?? it's just weird. I don't think I'll EVER buy one. neverrr!

it's just a weird thing to try and make.

why would people even want to eat it???

it's a UNIQUE concept - I'm surprised that many people are buying it!