Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The PURPOSE people Watch Weather Channel!

It is something legal and alternative of PORN! I know I know you LOVE IT especially people that is staying in Amsterdam because as you know prostitution is legal there so for their weather channel you can see naked girls in the weather channel but I think people are not looking at the weather but looking something else.

You can say disgusting, pervert, dirty minded the list would go on and on and on!!! So I give you two choices which picture would you choose between the left and right picture?


Which one would you choose? The FACE PROBLEM or SEXY LOOKING LADY?


In Asia I don’t really know much but in the United States it is a big business to have sexy curvy women in their weather channel it is the time where they can attract a lot of viewer in that time even though you know that they don’t even really care or want to know about the weather. Some of the women become famous because they look awesome and sexy in TV because sexiness and beauty can attract people attention easily.

 It is a PERFECT COMBINATION!!! Than slowly slowly there are high in demand and slowly her salary would be even higher than a producer. That is why people say that for girls to be successful and high pay they don’t need to have a good education background or from rich family. Example like Kim Kardashian just think how she get so famous?



Because of FAME! Fame is a POWERFUL TOOL if you know how to use it!!!!

Can confirm that people watch the weather news when they is bad weather or disaster gonna happen anytime soon. If the weather is good nobody even bother to watch it but the 21st century it is different people watch because not the weather but the girls in the NEWS! People don’t mind to watch it even though they don’t get anything out of it at least it make their eye HAPPY!


Not only in this industry but even actor and actress they can be famous in a day if something that catch people attention. I will give you a few example like Paris Hilton sex tape that make her SUPERSTAR. Riquelme <<< remember her? She is the sexy fans supporting in WORLD CUP she become famous because her big cleavage and putting her phone on the middle. The Jumping the DRAMA and so on.

At the end of the day even her tits is fake whatsoever people still fall for the same trap again and again. People say it is bad to enlarge your butt your tut tut but at the end of the day it make girls feel beautiful and be respected that counts. You can be famous too in a snap of finger if you know how to do it.


Now life is not about hardworking but it is more about how smart of you because you don’t need to be hardworking to be on top and don’t need to put much effort to be that good. If we smart enough we use a single finger we can finish the task but people that don’t think smartly even though giving him 10 finger and 10 feet they would take a longer time to finish the TASK!


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notice how most are off of spanish networks. not too suttle and i aint complainin' :)