Monday, March 21, 2011

There is no TIME for the WRONG JOB!

Have you ever think that you are doing the wrong job? Have you wonder is there opportunity for your DREAM JOB to COME TRUE!!! Life is too short for the WRONG JOB! Because time will not wait for you.

This is the TIME for you to QUIT your JOB and find a BETTER ONE!!!!


It is easier to know you like your job or not by just following your heart. If a job you like to do it will give you more satisfaction in doing so than doing a job just for the money. You will not only get money from that but gain satisfaction from doing so and you will always looking forward to come to work tomorrow. Like something new will happen everyday at your work place.

Not only that it will motivate yourself to IMPROVE yourself BETTER!


It not only about career or job but even about our life for example your life partner that will be with you for the rest of the life obviously you want to find someone that is perfect for you. By just sitting there will not do any good too!!!!


People have said again and again that qualification is not as important as you think. Even though you’re your qualification is different compare to your dreams job it will not hurt if you try it out. Life is about learning so there is nothing is too late that you can do. Even though you got all “A” it will not prove anything just your knowledge base is better but in REAL LIFE nothing is WROTE in the BOOK! Just remember that

If you do not get your dream job try and try again. Because there is a lot of opportunities out there and there is always a spot for you if you prove that you are good enough.

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Just remember this your career you decide yourself do not depend on others people to decide for you because you will know yourself best than other people know about you. Do not let other people influence you that you love to do because it is about yourself and not theirs.


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