Friday, March 11, 2011

Do You Know What Attract Guys the Most(Girls)?

You have known that guys nature that they would get attracted with small cleavage or even big one because it will make them excited and they can’t get their eye out of it no matter what. Some people don’t want people to look at them but why they wear like that. For guys it is like PARADISE for Girls it is to attract ATTENTION!!

Does it make SENSE NOW? The worst part would be get caught staring at that


If you have read my old post saying that staring at breast is good for health according the study that have done by the GERMANS. It even increase your life expectancy!! You will hardly see in Asian country or Malaysia but in European country they would want to show off who have the best and some of them wear until both round thingy want to fall off.

Attracting some ATTENTION is not that bad AFTERALL!!

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Whenever you try to look at it and hoping at girls do not notice it but you are wrong some of them get caught and some of the girls would do a disgust face when they notice you are staring at their round thingy. And some of them just ignore them because it is like normal for them. That is why we should not take it for granted.

You will never know you will get a BITCH SLAP later ON!


Guys get attracted to it is because it sexually turn them on and some of them over do it like staring for a long period of time and some of them try their best to avoid contact or looking at it. This always happen when you are talking to a girls you don’t look at her eye to eye instead you stare at her enormous round thingy. Whenever a guy would want to have a glimpse too often it would make the person feel uncomfortable.

Just look how excited they ARE!


Some of the girls say that is ok for them to have a glimpse but it is not ok if they are looking at that and on the same time it is embarrassing. People believe that guys keep looking at it is because they don’t have one and it is weird for them to look at theirs because it is not the same.

Guys just love looking at them no matter where they are!


It is also depend of SIZE because fact say that girls with bigger one would likely higher chances that everybody would stare at them including girls themselves and for the smaller one less people would notice about it.

Just look at the guy on the picture on the right on his expression like “WTF is THAT it look like my LCD Screen at HOME”


That is why it is a DISTRACTION!!! If they don’t have a glimpse on it or have a look they are likely is GAY that is what people believe. Some of them also believe that they stare at it because their brain have been corrupted mind. Other than that they keep staring that would be their curiosity of it.

From girls experience say that most of the time when they are talking they are too busy looking at it and do not really concentrate on the conversation and it is disrespectful and rude on the same time. When a guy just want to have a glance at it would be ok but too much it is disrespectful.

That is why people said that having something in moderate and do not take over because it will not be that fun anymore. Just like eating!!!


Some of girls don’t like is that they feel that they are talking to their round thingy than to them. Even guys themselves can’t explain that why they stare at them and it is because it is something that they don’t posses. Just like cars if you can’t own a FERRARI obviously when it drive past you will stare at it until it is gone.

Or even taking pictures with it!!!


Some of the people believe that guys looking at girls assets it is the same way how they look at their face something like judging them by their looks but it is the other way around. It is also one of the important thing that a guy want from a girl not only have a bit brain in there, look pretty importantly can attract attention and make people jealous because of her assets.

That is why they feel something UNIQUE compare to OTHERS!


Some of them keep doing it is because they don’t get caught before and even though they caught red-handed they would not admit that they have done and they try their best not so obvious that they are staring at it than just a left to right look at it until they feel it is ENOUGH for the DAY.


In reality that if you see any handsome or beautiful ladies you would just admire them from far it is because you will know that how much effort you try or do anything you will not have a chances to get them. Even you have a chances they obviously are taken and sometimes even they are pretty as hell they don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend people would start to think it would be IMPOSSIBLE or maybe they just BREAK-UP this and that and would want to have any commitment for the moment.


Staring means you disrespect that PERSON! But it is to tempting for not just to have a GLIMPSE on IT!

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