Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Movie Review Sucker Punch



A young girl is institutionalized by her wicked stepfather. Retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy, she envisions a plan which will help her escape from the facility.



By looking at the movie front page you will taught it is an action movies I can say that it is a mix of it. For me I don’t really understand the story of the movies at first the girl was in the mental hospital at the next she is dancing like a star and I taught I can see she is dancing instead seeing she imagine she is in WAR that help her to dance better. Than after almost the end the story have an another twist the girl is back to the mental hospital. It is like the story is scatter all around everywhere. Can say that most of the girls in the movies are all hot especially Vanessa Hudgen and gang in the movies. The fighting scene and effect of the movies is FANTASTIC it look so REAL. For some people that I have ask they say that they love the story for me not REALLY! Not my kind of movies but some of you will do.

In the movies I have learn something would be sometimes in life we should sacrifice something for someone that we love and care even though it will risking your life at least you done something good for a person.


3 out of 5! << Don’t be disappoint of the score maybe you will love the story, different people have different taste in MOVIES!



I would recommend to people that love to see chick with guns and love storyline that have a twist here and there! I would not recommend to people that was looking for a sad story movies there is but it is minimum in the MOVIES.




She is one of the cutest actress I have EVER SEEN! And look so innocent


Here is the hot chick in the MOVIES that I AM TALKING ABOUT!


Here are 4 of the character that you will see most of the time in the MOVIES!


this is the guy that is in charge in the mental hospital and in charge of all the girls you seen in the MOVIES! This guy is freaking BLACK HEARTED make all the girls suffer in there like a SLAVE!

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Jae@Sports News said...

Gorgeous babes kicking ass, what's not to like? I'll definitely go watch this one!

sucker punch said...

I already saw the trailer pf this movie and i really love it. This movie Sucker Punch is a new movie film of Vanessa Hudgens.

Anonymous said...

Holy fuck dude, learn to speak English.