Saturday, March 5, 2011

How To Know a PERSON is LYING!

Sometimes we can know a liar by just looking at them! But some of them you need to know them better to know them are a REAL LIAR. Sometimes I really get piss off if people lie to me or even be fake in front of me. Yup you can say that what you can do about it right?

It is easy just tell people to BEWARE of YOU! If the person want to believe it or not is depend on that person judgment at the end of the day you will regret that you did not hear what I said so and on the same time  the “LIAR” would learn a LESSON about it if not he/she can continue with that and one day a INCIDENT would happen and will give you a WAKE UP CALL!!!


But I can say that GUY LIE more than GIRLS! But when GIRLS lie they are more promising than GUYS! Guys will easily fall into GIRLS TRAP by giving sweet TALK or THEIR BEAUTY! You can say GUY LIE more I think in this WORLD there is a BALANCE that PEOPLE are LIAR!

You know WHO YOU ARE!!!!!
















After Seeing all this you will be like a LIE DETECTOR! You will know when a PERSON is LIEING! If a person saying bad thing about you and you know that person is a LIAR if you are not really that kind of person obviously people would not believe it!

If you really is a LIAR that is WHY PEOPLE BELIEVE IT! Understand? So SIMPLE

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dave ng said...

I watched 1 of the episode from "lie to me" they used tranquillizer to help a girl lied to the polygraph test.

Tom Zass said...

Nice sharing. I like the phrase "harmless half truth". I often tell those as well :)