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Anonymous said...

stupid muggle. none of your points are valid, they are all based on looks. BTW HARRY POTTER CAME FIRST SO IT WAS MEYERS WHO COPIED JK ROWLING!!!

crazywriter159 said...

1. Twilight Boxset is to not original. Harry Potter is AND it shows the books as "treasures" as in a treasure book. (And Vampires exist?)
2. HARRY POTTER CAME OUT FIRST. It is more likely that Twilight copied Harry Potter. BTW, in the BOOK Sirius (yep, you spelled yet ANOTHER thing wrong) is not Black. Plus, thinking that people with the last name Black are all black is racist.
3. You obviously know NOTHING about the real plot of Harry Potter, because the P is supposed to be like that to represent the scar on Harry Potter's face.
4. Twilight is a time of night, which is dark. WOW.
Harry is a common name. Potter is like potter with his clay (mentions as a parable for GOD in the BIBLE.) and it does NOT support smoking pot. I bet there are Twilight fans that smoke pot, too. Just because you found one frickin' person who does that does not mean it's Harry Potter's fault.
5. "Okay, FIRST of all", you didn't know JK Rowling because you don't give a crap about Harry Potter, not because she isn't famous. And honestly? THAT IS HER FRICKIN' INITIALS. It is a common thing with authers. Plus, how can you be creative with her name? IT'S HER NAME. Geez! Lastly, don't call JK Rowling a loser until Stephanie Meyer gets 600 Awards like JK Rowling did. BTW, you got a picture of Jennifer Aniston, not JK Rowling.

All your reasons are shallow and based on opinions. My reasons are mostly facts. I rest my case. You muggle.

Anonymous said...

...I can't believe someone actually made this...
1)the box is designed to be a TRUNK, as in the trunk harry puts his hogwarts supplies in?
2)J.K. Rowling made the books first, and came up with the idea back in the 90's, a time when Meyers was still probobly dreaming about pretty people hooking up.
3)the logo is unique! the p represents the scar on harry's forehead. what does the squiggly in twilight represent?
4)twilight refers to all the times Edward and bella met at refrence to jesus there...
and buddy, its HARRY potter, please, at least comprehend that much...
5)why is jennifer aniston on there? if you don't know who j.k rowling is, then you've been living under a rock for the last decade!the J in her name stands for Joanne, and the K stands for Katherine.
finally, voldemort come read this..
[walks over...reads]

Anonymous said...

i've got a suspicion that this is fake. it's just too dumb, and the jennifer aniston thing is too LOL to be true.

Unimpressed said...

How old are you, nine? You are not doing the Twilight fans any good. I can't tell if you're kidding about acting this stupid or not.

Anonymous said...

Troll, you have done well!

Anonymous said...

Successful troll is successful...

monkyyy said...

great u can lie(troll?) to make this awful book seem better then an bad book, try making up lies defending it from "1984"

Anonymous said...

1- twilights box just has the covers of the books on it at least harry potter's has something to do with the books
and yea cuz vampires exist either
2-harry potter came out first so how can rowling copy meyer?
and how you said jk rowling didnt cast a black actor to black sirius black, well if your such a big twilight fan how did you not notice that taylor lautner, who plays jacob BLACK, isnt black either?!?
3-i have never seen that swirl in the g before but you know thats probably just cuz i havent cared enough to look
the p is supposed to be like a lightning bolt like the scar on harrys forhead
and havent you ever heard the phrase 'DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER'?!?
4-there is no hidden meanings in the tittles!
twilight is the soft, diffused light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon, either from daybreak to sunrise or, more commonly, from sunset to nightfall(dictionary definition) and a state of uncertainty, vagueness, or gloom
'harry potter' isnt subliminally promoting andything
and thats just your cousin im a fan of harry potter and i dont smoke pot or any thing
5-what you put about meyer is purely based on opinion
'obvi' jk rowling is very famous just because you didnt know her dosent mean shes not famous i didnt know the author of twilight until a little bit ago
and 'J.K' is a nickname just like 'bella'
and dont tell her what she can and cant call herself
and yes i am going to fight you on all of that

Anonymous said...

The girl who wrote this is a freaking idiot!its in a treasure chest for two reasons, both previously mentioned. And since when do wizards dont exist and vampires and werewolves do? And sirious black wasnt black in the movie, and thinking he is supposed to be black because of his last name is racist and Rowling wrote her books first so Meyers would be copying her! And if you took the time to actually understand the whole series you would know that the HP logo makes complete sense wheras the Twilight logo doesn't and i understand what Twilight is about! And btw Harry Potter is the name of the main character wheras Twilight is a time of day that is eerie, niether have a hidden meaning! And JK Rowling didn't want people to know she was a girl and judge the book. What's with the pick of Jennifer Anniston. And I don't think you got a c just because it was turned in late. Oh, you should also learn how to spell, authOrs (Yes I know I'm a hypocrit, but with such a simple word?)! You better just be acting stupid or you naturaly are!!!

Anonymous said...

1) The Harry Potter books are in a trunk (not a treasure chest, idiotic Muggle) because that is what they use to pack their clothes in when they go to Hogwarts. Also, the boxsets of Harry Potter is so creative and out of the box (no pun intended), while the boxset of Twilight is just a box with a side cut out and the covers of the books on the box. Yeah, so original -___- Also, you say that wizards don't exist. Yeah, it's not like vampires and werewolves DO exist.

2) First of all, it is spelled "Sirius" not "serious". Second of all, Sirius Black is introduced in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" which was first published on July 8th, 1999. "Twilight" was first published September 27th, 2005. Do the math, Muggle. Also, what does race have to do with a character's name? Racist much?

3) Harry has a lightning scar because Voldemort tried to kill him using the Killing Curse. The "stem" on the "P" is obviously supposed to look like lightning. Use that tiny little brain of yours and a little imagination.

4) You think that Twilight promotes Jesus Christ and God... How stupid can you be?! Saying "Light means good, good means pure, pure means Jesus" is like saying "You called me a bitch. Bitch is a female dog. Dogs bark, bark comes from trees, trees come from nature and nature is beautiful. Therefore, you just called me beautiful." It means NOTHING. And you're "hidden meaning" for Harry Potter is just so fucking riddikulus that I cannot say what I am thinking right now because you might break down crying.

5) When you're English teacher told you that your writing reminded her of Stephanie Meyer's, it was an insult, idiot, not a fucking compliment. THAT is why she gave you a C. Because your writing is SO horrible, just like Stephanie Meyer's. Also, you put Jennifer Aniston's picture next to why J.K. Rowling is a "bad" author. The only reason you had to look her name up is because you are an ignorant, idiotic bitch. Just because you don't know her name doesn't mean that she isn't that famous. The amount of Harry Potter books sold could circle the Earth twice, maybe even three times. Can the amount of Twilight books sold be able to do that? No, I didn't think so. Also, her name is Joanne Rowling. The "k" in J.K. Rowling stands for her middle name, Katherine. You're saying that she isn't creative? Meyers's books are basically the Vampire Diaries series in book form, except that the vampires sparkle. You think she coould get a BIT more creative and think outside of the box, right? LOSER.

P.S. Learn how to spell, you stupid Muggle.

Anonymous said...

...... Okay I'm REALLY hoping this is fake because if not that is truly the saddest thing I have ever read (besides Twilight of coarse). Please never go out for debate team because then you'll just embarrass yourself and anyone who knows you. If you ever do this type of a list again please put some well thought out, well researched, unopinionated reasons that don't sound like they just came out of an episode on Jersey Shore. Please also use use spell check next time. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

1. Twilight boxsets are what any other boxsets are like. Harry Potter boxsets is based off of the movie!

2. Black is a common last name, and Harry Potter was first!

3.The stem on the P represents Harry's lightning bolt scar!

4. That'as just like saying "Charmander is a fire Pokemon, and fire comes from hell, so therefore, Pokemon is satanic." -____-

5. Your teacher INSULTED you. Also, J.K. Rowling stands for Joanne Katherine Rowling. That's what her parents decided to name her.

Anonymous said...

Harry potter is all about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend- Andrew Futral