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A New Type of Therapy! *Naked Therapy*

I know you would be interested to have a NAKED THERAPY! It is something that people have not heard off not only you get to share your problem but you get to see something extra in the process. Naked Therapy have create a lot of buzz lately. Sarah White is the person that brought Naked Therapy to New York and she is only 24 years old.

She say that her solution would be GO NAKED. Her style of naked therapy would be stripping slowly slowly during the session and she believe that on the process she striping slowly her client would slowly reveal their problem subconscious. 


She say that she uses the power of arousal to gain more control of your life and her main goal to use her nakedness to make their client feel more excited during the session and also when her client is outside. She believe that her nakedness would let their client to understand more about themselves and the world even better. Obviously anything related to naked stuff people would start to open their eye wider especially guys to know what is the buzz about.

She say that her naked therapy have attracted dozen of people to visit her but I think people just want to see her naked in legal way than finding prostitutes. She surprise that most of her client is all men obviously you know why. Sarah White is from Upper West Side that she studied majoring in psychology as undergraduate in a University. She said that she feel that something is missing and boring of the classic training and she taught of sexuality+ psychology would make it more interesting.


According to New York Daily: Normally female will go for therapy and guys unlikely that a guy would go for a therapy because normally they believe that they can handle their problem themselves. Sarah White by introducing naked therapy it will make them willing to seek therapy and will make it more interesting and exciting. She said that normally her 1 hour appointment she will takes her clothes of bit by bit until no clothing is left.

The therapy will cost about $150 that normally is conducted via one way web cam and text chat. When she create a better relationship with her client she will allowed to have two way SKYPE video and sometimes it will be face to face consultation. She said that she have about 30 client that have mixture of college student and many more. Her goal with her patient would be seeing her naked would help them to focus and look on themselves and speak out their mind openly.


She said that when men she a female naked they would be more willingly speak their mind out and make them focus in something. Her naked therapy is not approved by the any type of association and means that she is not a licensed therapist. According one of the writer in New York clinical psychologist say that I do not consider it as a therapy and more into soft-core of porn internet. But Sarah White say that there is no any contact in naked therapy and do not have any relationship with her client.


Definition of Naked Therapy by Sarah White:


Power through Arousal

As a Naked Therapist, I seek to give you power through arousal. To best explain what that means, I’ve answered a couple basic questions people have.



Q: What is Naked Therapy?

In one sense, that’s easy to say. It’s therapy that involves getting and/or being naked on the part of the therapist (me) and/or the patient (you). It takes place in one-on-one private web cam or in-person sessions in which we converse about whatever’s on your mind and/or you present issues and I help you think them through, explore them, and better understand them. During these sessions, I use the power of arousal to help you gain more control over your life. Depending on what you want, I start the session naked…or I start clothed and slowly get naked…or….it really depends on what you want.

And that’s why, in another sense, it’s not so simple to say what Naked Therapy “is,” because it’s different for every man (or woman). Together we determine the course of our sessions. The goal is to use nakedness as a therapeutic modality so you can understand yourself and your world better, so you can feel great and powerful, and so the excitement you feel during the sessions can lead to more excitement outside the sessions. So like massage therapy uses massage, psychotherapy uses psychology, and aromatherapy uses scents, Naked Therapy uses nakedness to feel freer and stronger and healthier and happier.

Some of my patients are single men who are trying to get better at meeting girls. Some are married men who are looking for someone new to talk to. Some are having sexual or relationship problems and want help working through them. Some lack confidence around women and I help them practice and gain that. Some have unresolved issues from childhood that are keeping them from realizing their full potential. Some are frustrated and need to vent to someone. Some are dealing with pornography addiction and I work with them to overcome that. Some of my patients simply want to express themselves and engage in thoughtful conversation with someone who listens.

But for every patient, nakedness allows you to let go of restrictions and inhibitions and also instantly establishes a communicative, intimate, and trusting relationship between us. Instead of the cold, objective, impersonal demeanor of some traditional therapists, you encounter me, just as I am and with nothing to hide, and as a result you feel closer to me, less inhibited around me, and by being turned on you’re able to discover things you might not with a clothed therapist.



Q: Why Naked Therapy?

Naked Therapy is based on the belief that since men live in a world full of arousal, arousal should be allowed, explored, and respected in the therapeutic context. Since traditional therapy forbids arousal, the comparison can be made that traditional therapy is like teaching a man to swim by talking to him about it, whereas Naked Therapy puts him in the water.

Not to be overly dramatic, but I feel like we are in the midst of a global mental health crisis, and it’s caused by the fact that men are far more likely to commit crimes, grow depressed, or get addicted, yet women are four times more likely to enter therapy. So, in a certain sense, traditional therapy has failed men.

Naked Therapy meets men on their playing field. Why is this important in addressing the crisis? Because men should see therapy as a viable option to addressing their problems.

And while the vast majority of my patients are men (which is something I am proud of), women can also benefit from Naked Therapy. For both genders the experience involves a new mix of physical, emotional and intellectual arousal.



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