Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Indonesian College Girl Leaked Naked PHOTO Online

Her name is Tarra Nadhira Hindersah studying in Binus University and also known as Bina Nusantara at Jakarata Indonesia. But I can say she just wasted her life away with her naked pictures online accidentally. People will say with her beautiful look and sexy body just wasted her life just like that. She started to create a buzz at January 2011 when she accidentally forget to put the photo in private in Facebook or her facebook account have been hacked. That is why people have said that if you do not want people to see just don’t take picture of it or post it up.


It happen to Vanessa Hudgen too because she keep her naked picture at her laptop and someone hacked into her laptop and leaked her photo and that is why human bound to make mistake so if you do not want people to see it do not take it. In the internet WORLD thing can spread in second in all over the world and no matter how you removed or delete it everybody already have a copy in their computer or in their website.

Indonesian Student Tarra Nadhira Hindersah Leaked Nude University Scandal Photos 001Capture

She even have a blog but sad to say I think after this incident she stop BLOGGING and maybe it is because have been humiliated. She just destroy her future just like that and she create a name for herself for all the wrong reason. According to source the photo actually leaked earlier than January 2011 but I think people are not interested about it back than.

Indonesian Student Tarra Nadhira Hindersah Leaked Nude University Scandal Photos 003Tarra Nadhira Hindersah

But I can believe that she look beautiful and sexy body obviously she have a lot of boyfriend back then and maybe the picture have been leaked by her ex- boyfriend to seek revenge for breaking up with them. Her facebook page have been closed for good so nobody can find anything about her. So if you search the name Tarra Nadhira on facebook obviously all the account you found is FAKE.

 Tarra Nadhira HindersahTarra Nadhira Hindersah

Some of the website out there get shutdown and some of them even crash because heavy traffic to searching her naked picture. Too bad I am not posting her naked picture in my blog if you interested to see obviously you will know where to search or to find it.

It said that the photo spread like hot cakes mainly from Blackberry Messenger that sharing a link of her naked photo.


At first there is only about 10++ photo of her naked photo flashing her thing and one of the comment say that if we have a heart we will removed the picture for good but if we are heartless here would be an another 28 naked photo of her to prove that we are heartless. That is why after this incident she will not be confident of herself and worry when she go out people would stare at her or laugh at her instead.

So if you do not want it to happen to you do not take this kind of picture because even though you do not post the picture up people can hacked your computer just like what happen to Edison Chen and some unlucky people out there. Even you have the WORLD BEST Antivirus it is hack able any how so precaution is better than cure.


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