Friday, February 25, 2011

Marwa Hot Lebanese Singer get MOLESTED During Concert!

Here she is obviously you do not know who she is but she is not only one of the famous Arabic pop music artist but she look gorgeous in person. She is known from her sweet voice and have a good appearance whenever you see her and on the same time she is very cheerful person. Marwa talent was discover when she is only 8 years old when she is at school.


Than slowly time go by she start to impress with her exceptional performance. She stand out among all singer would be because she create her own style of music just like LADY GAGA that what make she so unique and extraordinary.  She can even sing  egpytian, Khaligin, Lebanese and others. Just like any other Hollywood celebrity she can even act and she love fashion n design you will know why later, just by looking how she dress you will be AMAZE!

If you believe in “LOVE HOROSCOPES” she is  CANCER!

Marwa Lebanese Singer

Will leave the juicy news at the END Devil


Marwa Lebanese Singer rumor saying that she was sexual harassed when she is doing her concert at Alexandria Egypt. During the concert she way a sexy green long dress and very revealing obviously this would make all the fans go wild and wanted to touch her and so on. She say that her concert was a BIG SUCCESSS by looking at the numbers of people and fans supporting her in the concert.

Marwa Singer Arab

(DID you notice the guy opening his MOUTH so WIDE? That is her BODYGUARD just see WHAT HAPPEN NEXT)

* Give you a HINT some intention as a PERVERT

The think she don’t know that the door for her to leave is the same door as her fans using. Obviously people would start to rush at her and you will know what is their purpose is imagine it is a JUSTIN BIEBER concert and the all the girl gone will so what you expect gonna happen NEXT!

Marwa Bodyguard

(See her Bodyguard where is he TOUCHING AT)

* Possibility it is not intention because the situation getting out of control and bodyguard is just rushing her into the CAR for SAFETY!


Marwa SexyMarwa Hot

(Here is ONCE AGAIN)

When fans know that she going to leave all the fans wanted to take picture of her and it started to get crowded by the minutes and she start to get panic and do not know what to do because she is starting get pack like a BOX around her. Than Marwa started to cry of FEAR and her bodyguards are trying their best to escort her into the car and there is thousands of fans are blocking the pathway to her car.

Than here is no chance for Marwa to leave and the alternative way would be to go to a close apartment until all the fans leave. When the police arrived and question Marwa she denied any sexual harassed happen and she say her fans just wanted to see her up close. When police was questioned she was in fear after the concert and she say the big crowd out there was the fans trying to express their love to her.


Marwa have predicted that this would happen and for safety reason she have insisted to have about 60 bodyguard to protect her and because of the big numbers of fans out there. Than when she arrive she notice that there is a small number of bodyguard as she wanted. People in charge of the concert trying their best to calm her down and to make sure everything is under control so that she wouldn’t cancel the concert.

So for the sake of her fans she perform at the concert even though she know about the risk. Than when she is singing the fans start to get out of control and when she is singing along she start to get confused and panic. Than when thing start to get out of control she start to run away with the help of her bodyguard to one of the closes apartment.


Than when she arrive to the apartment she knock on one of the room at level 1 and one unknown women open the door and have welcomed here to hide here until everything get to normal. She stay there until around 4am and then she leave Cairo. People even accused she did it herself because by wearing inappropriate dress on public and showing her cleavage.

You can criticize what I want to say now! It is 21st century now girl wanted to show what is MEAN by SEXY! By showing their sexiness will make them confident of themselves. But I can say that even in United States a girl wearing bikini in the stage this will not happen. It is not about the clothes but about the culture.


I forget to say that the Bodyguard that put his hands all over her WAS FIRED FOR GOOD! Obviously it is one EXPERIENCE that he will not FORGET!  Than one more thing she wear this on concert obviously it will make the young fans out there over excited because they can’t control themselves.

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