Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve Incident at Penang as Always

I haven’t been in Penang for Christmas for very long. Everytime there will be special incident to straight to the point is that they always do something against the law such as spraying cars,throwing cans on the road,fighting and mainly the reason is disturbing the peace.

Will Share some of the video i found on the net.

Happen at 24 Dec 09

Funny about this video is:

1) One Guy try to jump on the police instead he drop on the floor and been step.

2) The person been caught because using bike helmet to hit a police and shouted for help –_ –


Happen at 24 Dec 08

See how they kick,spray,shake people car!

They love to spray people cars!

Happen at 24 Dec 07

The person been caught but ……(watch the video)

They Love to throw cans maybe they can donate or recycle it to save the environment.

See the floor full of metal cans –_- Haihaz Kids nowadays

See all of this person spray people car until like that. Surely it will piss you off. Even worse you do more they do even more.

So don’t worry if you have a bad or good Christmas at least you feel good in you that is enough. Don’t worry much another a few more days it will be a new year. So enjoy or set your goal straight for your future.

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jfook said...

So sad. Christmas should be a peaceful and blissful event...Luckily it doesn't happen in Kuching.

Alpha Ace said...

fuck them~!!!

i really hates revelers turn S HOLES~!!!
really degrading lahhh~ damn soh hai~

ok, back to d case again hehe~

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suwei said...

What look like monster?

Jimmy T said...

Maybe Their Culture haha!