Friday, December 11, 2009

Google Wave Open for 1 Million User


When Google asked what you liked and disliked about their new real-time communication application, you unquestionably said that you wanted more invites to share with friends and family. Problem solved.

Today, Googledecided to play Santa with Wave invites. It has just doled out significantly more invites to existing users.

In conjunction with the invite rollout, Google is also hinting that they’ll soon reach the one million user mark. The title of their post suggestively indicates that “a million stamps” have been licked, which we take to mean that they’ve now opened up Google Waveto a million users.

While invites may be more readily available, be forewarned: Google is still not ready to graduate the service from preview phase to beta stage. Still, we’re excited that more of you can get in on the shared experience that is Google Wave.

Source: Mashable

So faster grap the opportunity and subscribe to it to enjoy something different than Window Live. Trying something new is always fun. If you are not the lucky 1 million you can pm me and I will sent you an invitation if you don’t have one.

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