Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The New Honda HSV-010 to Replace NSX

This New Car have:
3.4 Litre V8
The Car look Amazing and sporty on the same time.
01-honda-hsv-010-spy 02-honda-hsv-010-spy 03-honda-hsv-010-spy 05-honda-hsv-010-spy 06-honda-hsv-010-spy 07-honda-hsv-010-spy 08-honda-hsv-010-spy 09-honda-hsv-010-spy 10-honda-hsv-010-spy 11-honda-hsv-010-spy 12-honda-hsv-010-spy 13-honda-hsv-010-spy 14-honda-hsv-010-spy 15-honda-hsv-010-spy 16-honda-hsv-010-spy 17-honda-hsv-010-spy 18-honda-hsv-010-spy

This is the Video of the Car. I wonder sometimes when I will I get my own Sport Car to Speed Around! At the moment don’t have any!
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nanged u. nang this to read Goes beyond boobs staring...(18sx).