Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rumor: Having Hummer HB compact off-roader

hummer-hb-concept-renderings-large_05 hummer-hb-concept-renderings-large_06 hummer-hb-concept-renderings-large_07hummer-hb-concept-renderings-large_11 hummer-hb-concept-renderings-large_09 hummer-hb-concept-renderings-large_03hummer-hb-concept-renderings-large_14 hummer-hb-concept-renderings-large_15 hummer-hb-concept-renderings-large_16 hummer-hb-concept-renderings-large_17 hummer-hb-concept-renderings-large_01 hummer-hb-concept-renderings-large_02 hummer-hb-concept-renderings-large_18 hummer-hb-concept-renderings-large_19 hummer-hb-concept-renderings-large_10 hummer-hb-concept-renderings-large_12   

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1 Lovely Comment:

Alpha Ace said...

the Hummer looks coOL~

memory card normal 8GB HDSC Lvl4 will usually cost Rm60 can get from Lowyat PC shops..but I think can get better deal there, do survery.

Yup, they sell body only or with package. If you prefer choosing your own lens and save some money. got lots of ppl selling their under-use lens with cheap price - let say 18-55IS for only RM280 or cheaper.