Friday, December 18, 2009

Emma Watson Is the Best Actress in the WORLD

Emma Watson is the highest grossing in the decade it is something extraordinary still young but capable of doing something big. Best she been acting in Harry Potter from starting to the end. She have been awarded highest grossing actress by Guinness Book of World Record.

She also have beaten all the top actor such as Cameron Diaz,Julia Robert and many more. Emma Watson have make £3.3 billion worldwide for acting in Harry Potter series and beating some of the big actor.

On the same time she is the highest average box office receipts for a movie. From each of her film get about £547,947,716. Wow not 5 thousand it is 547 million.

She say also that she never know that the movie can make so much of money if she knew it she would be happy. She audition for Harry Potter  at 1999 at the age of 9. She don’t know what she put herself in for. But now her future is getting brighter and brighter. If her acting is not going be good she can model and stuff because people like her face and body.

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