Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking at Extraordinary: Nong Poy Change Sex But Look Amazing

Before that He feel that he is stuck in a guy body but feel as a women and at 17 years old he change his sex into a female you will be surprise how he look like. His real name is Treechada Petcharat and his famous name is Nong Poy Treechada.
She is born from Thailand at 5 October 1986 approximately 23 Years old. Her height is 171cm and weight about 48kg. She have won Miss Tiffany 2004 and also Miss Tiffany International Queen
Before: Hot or not?
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Here is a Video of Her Don’t really need to understand  by looking already enough lo!

Another Video of Her! Or He
Below is 5 part of different ladyboys by looking the video more than enough without understanding anything.

Sometimes we want to find a girlfriend need to look nicely it is the real thing or not. You will never know when you know it maybe it is too late. Now surgery are so advance they look much better than most of the girls no offence =].  Looking at them you will not know he is a guy or not.
Only the way to notice them is a guy by looking at their arm it look obvious but hot!

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akihiko said...

she/he indeed pretty
maybe she/he had done many plastic surgery

Jimmy T said...

Ya everybody love her! Even Guys lo


sooOOOOOOOOO pretty !!

Jimmy T said...

Pretty as a Guy =]

Jan said...

oh my gosh! She's so pretty! That's so not fair!

Jimmy T said...

They have their own beauty and you have your own! =] So be happy

Alpha Ace said...

wAHHH~ almost can beat my Nong Poy post ya ^__^*

very well done lehh~
I had spread about her quite sometime d, most viewers were from U.S lehhh~

She was amazing striking n her voice was so soft n sweet ...cute too hehehe

Jimmy T said...

Almost beat but not yet lolz

DarKScoRpioN said...

It's hard to believe that Nong Poy is a ladyboy. She darn gorgeous. Check out 68 sexy pics of her here.