Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This Man Throw a Bicycle at the Thief

I love about this is he throw a bicycle directly to the motorbike thief.

When the thieves fell he walk towards them like nothing and later he ran away but the best part is many people try to append the back guy and the handbag has given back to the owner.

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Alpha Ace said...

woW~ the video was coOL~ China man rocks lehhh~

oK, by d way about 500D
it was real fine camera for Rm2700 pricing(Lowyat offer). If you like video function ..sure it beats Nikon D90 like hell. If you don like video but more prefer nite/dim light/indoor photography ..then go for D90 or Canon 50D(both also expensive)

500D pics quality was good as you can c from my blog. ISO performance for low light is great up till ISO3200 unless u magnify it to max(Nikon pun mati lah) In fact ISO performance almost par with Nikon one.

Color more vibrant than Nikon. Menu is well organized and easy to understand after you walk thru the Manual.

Definitely not Canon 450D, old CPU DigiC 3 ..slow in speed n ISO was not that good. If you want 450D than better get Nikon D80 or 60.

I'm pleased to assist you for more inquiry ^__^

Jack Ng said...

haha ..... nice !