Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Toy Bugatti Veyron Cost More than the Actual Car!


As you can see here! It is a model of Bugatti Veyron that is coated with gold and also with diamond. The car is only weight about 7 kilogram. Not only that it is with 24 carat of gold. What make the car even more special is the one and only 7.2 carat of diamond in front of the car at the grill. Only 3 type of this model you can find said by the creator Stuart Hughes.


The price of the model is approximately is about 2 million euro and the real price of the car is about 1.10 million euro. Don’t you think it is crazy to buy this model. By buying the actual car i still have extra left. Not only that for 2 million just top up a bit more i can get 2 of this super fast car than seeing the model everybody. A bit boring right.

Crazy right?

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