Sunday, June 20, 2010

Do you think Tila Tequila is CUTE or a WHORE

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People think that she just want attention all the time. But i think that what make her special. Because some people make themselves famous different way. For example actor make themselves famous by doing movie that people think it is worth it for example like Avatar it make Zoe Saldana famous in a way.


Maybe people hate her because she is famous just showing some attention. But back to reality no matter how you think about her in real life she is famous because of her attention and her beautiful hot body. Obviously looking at her bxxbs you will know that it is fake. Not really know her that well but i like her because she look cute that all.


People love her too because of her naughty looks and the fake bxxbs make people feel attract to her, no matter how fake it is all the guys still like it even they say they hate it. Even i read from somewhere that even it is fake if he like it, no matter how he will imagine that it is REAL.

Here is a video how to check it is a breast is real or fake!

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MizArWeN said...

ohhh..nice info!

Jimmy T said...

Mizarwen@ Really?