Saturday, June 26, 2010

Japanese Pornstar Offer Sex for Chinese in Japan!

Why Why she is not providing sex for Malaysian Chinese instead! Just joking i am not that desperate ok

Japanese av girl Anri Suzuki _22_

The pornstar that wanted to give sex to chinese in Japan is one and only Anri Suzuki!


She is providing sex for student in Japan is because she feel bad of 1937 Invasion of China and she is willing to sleep with any Chinese student in Japan for the sake for saying sorry to them. The history of the invasion that about 17 million of civilian have been kill in the Second Sino Japanese War.


Look below apology that she have done! She is doing for the sake of sympathy and for the country. She is giving her a body for apology because money can’t pay back the life that have lost.

From The Sun!


Korea Times!



But we are not sure that what she have done is just to attract attention for her SEX movie that she have done. But in real life people would not offer their body for free. If they give you something they assume that they get something back. For example i go to a high class restaurant if i pay a lot of money on it for sure i expect the quality and the service should be good.

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Anonymous said...

I search for some video by her and in the videos her virgina were covered so sad did not have a chance to peek at her virgina, but at least her anus was shown. very nice anus really thinking of having anal sex with her. she is beautiful.

Jimmy T said...

Anonymous@ I think she is just making attention that all