Sunday, June 27, 2010

Things You Should Know About Caffeine

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So now you know that drinking coffee is not really good not only it drain your calcium but it is something like drug or cigarette without it you will suffocate suffer without having it. I drink coffee like 6 month once or maybe even longer. It is better to drink something that can help our body but on the same time we are healthy.

You need time to stop it so step by step no worry!

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Abalone said...

To me, its quite subjective for coffee to be good or bad. Im a coffee lover btw... but i limit myself to one cup per day. Lesser side effects and cravings only occasionally. Addictions can replace with milk tea... Judging from my experience.
And with exercise, no worries for calsium loss..

Its akin to red wine, where they say too much its no good due to the alcholic contains. But at a certain amount daily, its good for your heart.
So there's a good and bad within these kind of thing.. depending upon the individual that consumes it.

Jimmy T said...

Yup I agree with you! Everything we eat should have a limit even how good it is!