Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Future of Police Cars!

Don’t you think the car design look so nice and tempting! It look more like a motorcycle than a car! But it look like a next generation police car. It is something that you don’t see everyday! I like about the car is that it look like a James Bond Movie Police car or something like that.


Back to reality the car was design by Carl Archambeault! He is a graduate of Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and major in Industrial Design. That is why his design look nice and special that you can’t see much design can do the same like he do.


The car is fully power with electric and not only that it is a self-driven robotic police car. It can reduce causality of police and also high speed chase that you normally wanted to see on TV.


You will be surprise not only it is robotic and self driven! The car is call Scarab concept do not carry any weapon to reduce the criminal been kill or other driver on the road. Without any weapon they is using the technology that possible to stop a car by using a signal jamming and a type of thing that is call EMP.


Do you know the car on the left! It is a special design police car that are more tougher and the engine is superb! With a BMW engine i think they is using M6 Engine. For more detail about it you can search at my blog.


Not only that! He also design this car as you can see the picture on top. It look like Year 3000 car!

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