Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Love to Touch My LG Cookie Fresh

I love about LG Cookie fresh is because not only it sound nice with a fresh word in it but with the sexy and elegant look of the phone make me want more from the phone.


Why I like about touch screen phones?


Hmmm! I think i like about touch screen phone it is because we do not need more space for button but uses the space for a bigger screen that can be use for movie and more space to type stuff in it. Not only that it can type faster and pointing thing straight away than moving our hand up just to press each button.


But the best answer or excuses would be it look next generation because nowadays nobody is using button anymore and it look high class and nice.  With touchscreen we can do many stuff fast and more efficient with worrying it can be spoil or something like that. I love the most about touchscreen phone would be the screen it is because with a big screen we can do a lot of thing.


For example playing games,movie and so on. Nowadays we don’t even need a Computer we can do everything on the phone. It is not only it is light but everything is one. What can be better than that it is about easy and simple. I hope there is such a package buy a phone and a date with the girl in the picture for a chance to know the phone and the girl! Just joking haha


Assume i am shouting! I am going to LG Cookie Monster Party!

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Wan Ahmad Nabil said...

yeahh ! nice, good luck for it ! :0

Wan Ahmad Nabil said...

woohhh , nice. good luck for it. =)