Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Biggest Penis is Located at Russia!

the_giant_penis_640_04 the_giant_penis_640_05 

Did you see anything fishy of this picture? If not try to take your spectacle and have a clear look of it! You can look something obvious in it. A Trademark of a Bridge at Russia. It will be surely make a huha around the world of this giant *censored*


At first i thought was a Building but after looking everything it make like the penis is growing in size!

the_giant_penis_640_07 the_giant_penis_640_08 the_giant_penis_640_09   the_giant_penis_640_12  the_giant_penis_640_14 the_giant_penis_640_15  

Enjoy the picture for a while and i will post about why a big penis was drawn into the bridge! Not only that the drawing is so clear and can view miles away. Even the Penis is drawn is so clear with all the light shinning it so clearly. I wonder even people pose picture with it just like a popular landmark.


The big penis is measure about 220 feet! It is freaking big. The bridge was build to let ship to pass through. The big penis was drawn because a number of artist are unhappy about the security in Russian City call Petersburg. By that to show their skill and unhappiness they draw a masterpiece at the bridge to give a strong message to leader in Russia.

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Bigger Penis said...

I rather like it. I think it is a graceful design although I dislike most modern buildings and especially the glass boxes. I understand this will be built some 4 miles from the Kremlin and is surrounded by trees. I am sure it will be built and also within the five years allotted.I am quite aware that buildings in Moscow are always built quickly nowadays unlike say the half a billion pounds Dome or Wembley Stadium in London, or the tiny wobbly footbridge across the Thames and the leaking Princess Diana memorial. Read more: World’s Biggest Building Coming to Moscow: Crystal Island | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World